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  1. needlespauls

    Amp P$&n Thread….Amps are BEAUTIFUL!!!

    C’mon everyone…amps are exciting to look at!! We are all guilty of hearing with our eyes half the time, and with the sentimental thoughts. We associate the amps that we play through with The bands we grew up listening to and watching on videos. We get excited about new innovative builders that...
  2. needlespauls

    NGD: Epiphone 1959 Les Paul Standard

    Dudes!!! I have acquired a handful of different pieces of gear over the last couple of years really, never quite get around to posting here though. Well this one I got today is very worthy of a share. After playing 3-4 different 1959 Epiphone Les Pauls, including a Lazarus, I ran into this one...
  3. needlespauls

    Dudes/ettes!!! Can anyone help me date and price an old Vega Banjolin?!

    I will post the pics in a bit, it is literally a little mandolin banjo string instrument from I believe the 1920s. Is there a market for these? Reverb? Stick to craigslist?
  4. needlespauls

    Store WITH a great stock of NEW Gibson guitars!!!

    I was on some errands today and picked up a set of new power tubes from Music Unlimited in Kingston Massachusetts.... and I couldn’t believe the amount a beautiful new Gibson Les Pauls they had, literally about 10-12 in stock, a natural flying V, transparent-cherry SG, Originals, studios...
  5. needlespauls

    The Boss Katana is........excellent.

    So after reading through all the mega-threads over the last couple years, wanting to believe the hype and/or disprove the hype...I pulled the trigger on a MKii 100 1x12 combo this April. Really took a lot of time to get a handle on what it does, how it does it, all that. The sounds within each...
  6. needlespauls

    Dimarzio Super Distortions...

    I am thinking about swapping out the stock Gibson Birstbucker 61’s or whatever they are in my Original 60’s Les Paul. don’t wanna spend a ton, love the double cream the idea of a raw animal of a pickup. Are these too over the top?? Any experiences to share are welcome.
  7. needlespauls

    NAD(soon): Phaez Duophonic 35

    Yessssss!!! Sold and traded some stuff recently, now I have a Vintage/Oversized Avatar 2x12 closed back cab with V-Types ready to rock....awaiting my incoming Phaez. I had the first Pasadena I while ago, a 50 watt with EL34’s and added a Jackal 18 a bit after. Such good amps. Had to pretty much...
  8. needlespauls

    For Sale: Celestion G12H30 (1x12 16ohm UK made)

    As the title says!! Broken in, not abused great speaker!! Gotta raise up funds for new amp. $115 shipped
  9. needlespauls

    NGD’s....3x is the “Charm”??!!!?!

    Ey..... Almost one month later from 1st order, I ordered a 2019 Gibson Les Paul classic in Honeyburst. The honeyburst and Goldtops are on “price drop” to $1699.00 at Guitar Center. Excellent deal, especially if you think you are getting a brand new guitar. Well it wasn’t, it was a floor model...
  10. needlespauls

    Gibson Custom Les Paul ‘70s Les Paul Standard Sparkle Top...

    Hey guys.... Got a good deal at GC on a guitar that I discovered has a fretboard I’m either exchanging or upgrading. It’s a 2019 Les Paul Classic and I love the guitar, but I’m getting greedy hahaha!!! Custom Shop guitars currently have 0% at 48 months, very tempting. This one seems...
  11. needlespauls

    1960 Reissue “PG 129” Lightly Figured Les Paul

    Ok!!! So I played one of these at a local GC a week ago.....and I can’t believe how amazing this particular example was. Never played such an alive instrument. Played a bunch of nice reissues lately and this one was just beyond. It’s haunting me. Seems to be a “good value” (Hahahaha) for a...
  12. needlespauls

    Marshall DSL20CR cranked up, red channel.

    Ok dudes...been jamming with an old friend that we’ve said for a few years we’d get together and play. I haven’t played with a drummer live, basement or garage in years so this was fun!!! So I’m playing a stock Epiphone ES-339 P90 Pro that I recently got in trade, and I gotta say it’s a great...
  13. needlespauls

    Help!!! Haha!! Want to replace a 70/80 speaker...

    Don’t we all?! Haha kidding! But on a serious note...loving my new Marshall DSL 20CR....but I’m noticing the next level it can get too and it’s worth the $100 give or take on a speaker upgrade. I go from Petty, Huey Lewis, Bryan Adams, most importantly up to tight classsic heavy thrash tone up...
  14. needlespauls

    My “go-to” guitar at music store lately....(LP Custom content, post yours!)

    Has been the Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro. They just seem to be made better than ever, especially the fret-work. The bindings seem much better done as well. The pro-buckers really seem pretty good. The guitar just seems to have a fairly lively response for a $600 guitar. Good string feel and...
  15. needlespauls

    Anybody here go camping?? (New England Travel trailer/RV)

    I know it is last-minute, but trying to book something next week and can’t find a new place that looks appealing!! Any suggestions anyone?
  16. needlespauls

    BuggFX Thermionic Distortion (BE-OD clone/upgrade) $120 shipped!!!

    Here is my listing from craigslist ....
  17. needlespauls

    Would you guys trade an Am. Standard Strat for.....

    This 2004 Epiphone “JDM” LPS-80 with Dimarzio 36th PAF’s? Comes with case and in overall great shape. My guitar that I might propose a trade with is a 2014 fender American standard Stratocaster in three tone Sunburst with maple board and everything a came with.
  18. needlespauls

    NGD!! ESP Strat-Head Rocker build!!! Got this one in trade/cash a few weeks back....what a cool fun guitar. A couple things to clarify with this is ESP in neck only. It is an '87 Lasido made ESP neck...ebony fretboard with brilliant mother of pearl fret dots and the most insane...
  19. needlespauls

    (2) Pedals for Sale: MXR Micro Chorus + EHX Soul Food!!

    The MXR Micro Chorus is "as new" really...comes with box and papers. The Soul Food is near mint really...comes with box as well but not with the included EHX power supply. It was missing from sale when I got it. Both pedals are excellent at what they do and so easy to dial in. $60 for the MXR...
  20. needlespauls

    Great deal at GC!!!

    I played one of these the other day at GC and what a great guitar for the money!

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