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    Wolfetone Marshallhead/Dr. Vintage set -SOLD

    Great combo here - a set of Wolfetone humbuckers, with a Marshallhead bridge and Dr. Vintage neck. These have shiny nickel covers, 4-conductor wiring, and short legs (meaning you can use them in anything!) $180 to your door
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    Seymour Duncan APH2 Slash Set - SOLD

    Simple and to the point - up for sale is a Duncan Slash set in like new condition. Long legs and full length leads - box, screws and springs as well $170 all in.
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    Up for sale is a set of Bare Knuckle True Grit humbuckers with nickel covers. These are from their Boot Camp series - no custom options offered, but still hand built in the UK. This is their idealized 'hot PAF' set - A5 magnets, measures 13.35 bridge and 9.32 neck. Over a foot of 4 conductor...
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    Up for sale is a Seymour Duncan Antiquity neck humbucker - measures 7.73k This one has an aged nickel cover, has full length lead (uncut), long mounting legs Includes original box with paperwork and accessories, including a black humbucker mounting ring and screws (slanted, Les Paul style)...
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    Up for sale is 2008 Paul Reed Smith Mira (core model, not an S2 or SE) in cherry red. Great sounding and playing guitar - kind of the PRS version of an SG, only with better balance and tuning stability. The Mira pickups fall into the hot PAF camp - wired to a 3-way switch plus a mini toggle that...
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    Wolfetone Kauerbuckers

    Here you go - a way to grab a little bit of the magic in Kauer's guitars (yeah, not quite the same as the full deal - but still pretty nice - haha) Up for sale is a pair of Wolfetone Kauerbuckers with nickel covers. My understanding is that these are a re-imagined version of Wolfe's Legend set...
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    2015 K-Line Springfield w/options

    Yeah, yeah, I know - this is the Les Paul forum. But hey, everyone needs a good Strat in their life - and this is a good Strat. Up for sale is a K-Line Springfield with some non-standard options - if you like big necks, this might be right up your alley This one's lightweight ash (guitar...
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    Suhr Doug Aldrich set - zebra

    Just like the title says - a set of Suhr Doug Aldrich pickups in zebra. These are both 50mm - perfect for a Les Paul. Short legs, 4 conductor wiring - come with original boxes, screws and springs $180 to your door.
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    OX4 Pickups - Zebra, medium wind

    Here's a great sounding set of OX4 humbuckers. A little unusual in that they're black/white zebra (vs the normal black/cream). They're also wound slightly hotter than some of his pickups, though still in the PAF camp - measuring 8.7K for the bridge, and 8.29K for the neck Over a foot of braided...
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    Pickup blowout time....... Bareknuckle Mules sold Seth Lovers sold Golden Age are sold
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    And one more from the stash........ Up for grabs is my 2011 PRS SC-58. Not the stripped version - the full meal deal with bound neck and a ridiculous flame top (Why not a 10 top? Ummm - ask Paul, I guess.....) Though this one isn't an Artist package, it does have some of those appointments, -...
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    Gibson Custom Shop CS-336

    I got cold feet on this one last year and pulled it - but I've somehow ended up with even more semi-hollows! Something's got to give! This is a 2002 Gibson CS-336 in Tobacco Burst - a very cool small semi-hollow. Similar in size to a 339, but with different construction - solid mahogany...
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    This one’s gone!

    This is a 1992 Heritage H157 - and it's everything a Les Paul Custom should be, at a much better price. Ebony board, multi-ply binding, gold hardware, and perfect balance and playability. But make no mistake about this particular one - it's a player, and has the wear to show for it. Multiple...
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    Is there anything cooler than a Goldtop with P90's? That's a rhetorical question - of course there isn't.......... Up for grabs is my 2014 Gibson Les Paul Traditional goldtop - great playing and sounding guitar that does the P90 thing in spades. Light colored back - think it's a 2 piece, but...
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    SOLD! - Burny MIJ SG - Big Neck!

    Here's a truly unique one for the MIJ lovers out there. Ever wanted a 61 spec SG (proper headstock, neck joint,body contours, and pickguard) - but wish it had a big honking neck? Well - this might be for you. This is an 89 (I believe) Burny SG in black - wonderfully well made SG copy that will...
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    Don't go all corksniffer on me, MLP......this is a cool one! This one was actually my son's, and has been in the family a loooooong time (bought when he was 14, and he's about to turn 30 - damn I'm getting old!). This one is a 1996 MIK build, and is stamped "Limited Edition" - yes, Epiphone...
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    Dean Soltero SL - Made in Japan LP goodness......

    Pulled this one off the market - and then stumbled upon another Les Paul that I just had to have (you know how it goes.....) Dean Soltero SL - a slightly different twist on the normal Les Paul formula. These made in Japan versions are pretty uncommon, and are a big jump up in quality and specs...
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    Sold - please delete

    Yes, some more pickups up for grabs. This is a Bare Knuckle Rebel Yell set with chrome covers - 4-conductor leads, normal spaced with short legs. Measures 8.15 neck, 14.09 bridge - don't let that fool you, as these clean up remarkably well with the volume control. Slightly shorter than normal...
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    Gibson Custom Shop CS-336 - lowered

    Yeah, another one - might be one of those I regret later, but I probably have more semi-hollows than I need....... This is a 2002 Gibson CS-336 in Tobacco Burst - a very cool small semi-hollow. Similar in size to a 339, but with different construction - solid mahogany back/sides with a maple...

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