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  1. Pennyman

    Name two guitar heros.

    Mark Knopfler & Leo Kottke. I'd like to include David Gilmour in this list, but Knopfler had more to do with getting me into playing guitar in the first place, and Kottke (eventually) had a greater & lasting influence on my playing. There it is.
  2. Pennyman

    Hey MLP, long time, no see. Another Rainbow Bridge Thread

    Thanks to all. Feeling a whole lot better today than I did yesterday. My colleagues have been incredibly supportive as well, and the relief is overtaking the grief. Gonna keep a candle lit for him for a few days. Here are a few pics of Juno from his younger years. What a goof.
  3. Pennyman

    Hey MLP, long time, no see. Another Rainbow Bridge Thread

    As the title suggests... Haven't been hanging around here for a while, but I've read many of these Rainbow Bridge threads here over the years, and I knew one day I'd be writing my own, so here goes. Juno was a Maltese cross, although we never fully established what the "cross" was. He made it...
  4. Pennyman

    I like bar soap......... Am I weird??

    I haven't really been 'round MLP for a while, and haven't "liked" a post for many a month, but this one - THIS one - you win.
  5. Pennyman

    RockDoc-Biopics: Queen vs. Mötley Crüe

    Let me start by saying I am a pretty huge fan of Queen, but not at all a fan of Mötley Crüe. Deal with that as you will. The Queen biopic, for all its faults and freewheeling discrepancies with the timeline of actual events, was an enjoyable romp through the formation, life & times of Queen. I...
  6. Pennyman

    Another "What Are the Odds?" Thread.

    I am a schoolteacher at an international school in Singapore. A couple of weeks ago I found a letter in my mailbox cubby addressed to our campus and "Any Gr. X Teacher." There are four of us on our particular team, and we actually have 2 campuses. I opened the envelope and there were two...
  7. Pennyman

    jokes & funnies.

    Just wanna say, 750K for that home is an outright steal. Out where I'm from, you couldn't touch that for under 2, 2.5 mil, minimum.
  8. Pennyman

    John ELway

    Are the Broncos even still A Thing? Didn't they move to the Uraguayan indoor futsal league? :dunno:
  9. Pennyman

    jokes & funnies.

    I've got a set of keys and a couple pairs of sunglasses that meet this criteria.
  10. Pennyman

    NHL 2019

    *cough* RON McLean *cough*
  11. Pennyman

    Old classic commercials..

    There was a commercial I remember for Live Savers candy from back in the 70s... (music & singing) "It's the super-super flavor of Life (life!) Savers, spread the super flavor around!" Can't find a version of it anywhere. Am I imagining it? Is this the Berernstain Bears of my existence? Do you...
  12. Pennyman

    Post a pic of your fav acoustic

    Maestro - not a brand you're likely to be familiar with, but it's a keeper. The top has mellowed to a nice caramel colour, I really need to take some updated photos.
  13. Pennyman

    The "Sweet Victory" Controversy - WTF?

    I'd never heard of this song until after the SB, when Twitter, Reddit, etc, all went up in arms over why M5 didn't play this song. So, against my better judgment, I looked it up. Not only does it not sound like anything by M5 I've ever heard, but it's a literal representation of what it means...
  14. Pennyman

    You guys have GOT to check out this new band.

    So waht. Tehy Suond like Led Leppilen. They's sum young kidz getsing some rocks and rolls out their.s. LeT it bE.
  15. Pennyman

    This is what a perfect 10 looks like...

    Not a fan of all the showboating. Do your routine, keep it classy, save the dancing for the after-party. YMMV. And, get off my lawn.
  16. Pennyman

    Who are you to MLP

  17. Pennyman

    jokes & funnies.

    Eating that part of the banana gives no pleasure to the banana, so.... :dunno:
  18. Pennyman

    How naive were you back in the day?

    So you're telling me, "noise gates" WON'T eliminate all my unwanted squeaks and squawks?
  19. Pennyman

    Glitter bomb story a fake

    Jeebus, that's twice in no less than 15 minutes I've come across this word which I'd never heard before.
  20. Pennyman

    jokes & funnies.

    What's a Potter-Stewart standard? Potter, Harry; or Potter, Colonel? Stewart, Patrick; or Griffin, Stewart? So many questions, so little cake. Ooh, but funnies!

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