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  1. gadafi

    Billie Joe Armstrong Renounces US Citizenship.

    He'll have to change the name to Grey Day.
  2. gadafi

    How do you decide?

    I have difficulty offloading pedals little less guitars, the little bastards are stashed all over the joint.
  3. gadafi

    June 2022 Backing Track of the Month

    Come on guys has to be some more takers on this one...... it's lonely in here.
  4. gadafi

    $8,000 overdrive pedal

    This guy does a great review of his newly purchased (and at the time) 5k Klon vs a 30 buck Chinese knock off from Wish.... you might be surprised... The Klon's prices have since gone up but so have the bloody knock off's lol.... I looked them up after I first saw this a year or so ago and...
  5. gadafi

    Your Effects Pedalboard !!! Pics !!!

    Some nice gear here fellas well done. This is my budgety board WIP for the Hotrod. A few dust gatherers with some new stuff. The old Tube King takes up some real estate but sounds great with the Hotrod, from moderate smooth o/d to organic heaviness. Also sounds fantastic with a Blues Cube if...
  6. gadafi

    Compressor Pedals Appreciation and Suggestions

    I have had the blue Empress on my main board for years now and it's usually on 100% of the time. It has 5 knobs and 2 switches which allows you to craft how much transparency or squish you want, and includes input/output levels so can act as an excellent boost as well. Cons - it's pretty...
  7. gadafi

    June 2022 Backing Track of the Month

    Strat fat n skinny....the usual balls ups here n there....
  8. gadafi

    best pedal ever made

    Sounds like ass to me…
  9. gadafi

    TC Electronic The Prophet - Great Budget Delay Pedal

    Hi guys. I made a recent post under the compressor thread about building a budget board for my new amp. Doing some YT recon I stumbled across the TC Electronic 'The Prophet' digital delay and have finally got my hands on one. Took a bit of effort as they seemed to be walking out of the shops...
  10. gadafi

    Looking at compression pedals

    Long live the necro.... Picked up a Hotrod 4 a few months back and have been building a new dedicated 'budgety' pedal board for it as it's a pain using the pedals from the other amp. Anyway I've had a couple of EHX o/d pedals being a Glove and a Crayon lying around pretty much unused after a...
  11. gadafi

    May 2022 BTOTM - 80's Jam

    Hi guys been a while.... life n stuff.... Dusted off the 'ol EC29 for this one.... and a hack job towards the end....
  12. gadafi

    Hamster Wheels

    Look M&M you're either with the fitties or the fatties and we don't accept fitties into our ranks. You can't have a foot in each camp buddy. So what's it gonna be?
  13. gadafi


    Dude with the hat is thinking 'Hang on this sounds exactly like that song I wrote with my Sitar in 89'
  14. gadafi


    David Attenborough looking for the elusive Crack Bats?
  15. gadafi

    My MLP ads cover a wide range of stuff.

    Well will ya take a look at the size of those nuts...... on that workbench.
  16. gadafi

    My GAS is getting out of hand

    My last gas attack mid year was only a minor episode that resulted in half a dozen new pedals I played around with maybe 3 or 4 times and haven't touched since.... I started feeling a serious attack coming on just yesterday checking out some Collings City Limits on Reverb.... I fought it off by...
  17. gadafi

    When Karens Attack: No Soup For You

    So the soup's hot, just let it cool fool.
  18. gadafi

    The Truth About North Korea

    Cut Kim some slack, he has big boots to fill.....
  19. gadafi

    Be aware of UPS!!

    Damn that just sucks. On the bright side I hear they are now recruiting to iron out the gender imbalance...

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