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  1. TM1

    Thorphy- The Bunker

    Anyone have this or use it. The demo sounds pretty nice. Thanks!!
  2. TM1

    Best Replica Kluson Tuners?

    I'm wondering who makes the best Replica Kluson's that don't slip. The ones that came on my ML R-9 suck!! I don't want to install Grovers as my ML doesn't need the added low end or sustain. I'd like to find some that look like Kluson's, but that work better & turn smoother.. Thanks!!
  3. TM1

    Kluson's..Who makes the best ones?

    I was wondering what Kluson reproductions are the best overall? I have issues with the ones on my ML R-9 as they slip alot. I don't want to go the Grover route as these are just fine. They just don't stay intune. The only reason I switch to Grovers is if they don't help the sustain. Thanks!!
  4. TM1

    Inlays: HM vs. Gibson Custom

    I was wondering if the inlay material on the new Gibson True Historics is the same as the material that Kim @ Historic Makeovers uses? I know the Gibson ones are Nitrate as are the HM's ones. I know Kim was the one that got Mazzucchelli (the original Italian manufacturer of the cellulose nitrate...
  5. TM1

    ABR-1 Bridge??

    Who makes the most accurate, correct ABR-1 that's made from the right grade of Zinc? Thanks!!
  6. TM1

    New Crowther "Hot Cake" 2020

    Anyone have one of these? They have a two mini switches; one for + cream and the other is XLF which is for low Freq.'s. Thanks!
  7. TM1

    Wizz w/Replica Wire

    Has anyone here tried the new Wizz pickups with his replica wire. He had some original wire destroyed and analyzed and then duplicated. Just wondering the tonal difference? I’ve always thought that the wire was the last thing to duplicate. Everyone one has magnets, keeper bars, screws, base...
  8. TM1

    T-Tops vs. Wizz vs. Monty's

    So I'm trying to decide which set to put in my R-9 Murphy Lab. The Custombuckers are just o.k., a bit muffled in the mids. I've got a set of late `60's T-Tops that I put ThroBak A-4 magnets in with ThroBak covers. I really like the A-4's in T-Tops and discovered this combo a few years ago. But...
  9. TM1

    V-Caps: Fluid-Filled Hermetically-Sealed Copper Foil capacitors

    A friend of mine named Chris Ven Haus is launching a new line of Caps: These are the best & clearest sounding caps I've ever used in a guitar or in an amp! Believe me, I'm not saying this because Chris has become my friend, I'm saying this because I...
  10. TM1

    Epiphone Crestwood Custom (the new ones..)

    Anyone have one of these new ones and how are they. I know they don't have the awful scarf joint at the neck/headstock. I bought one at a very nice price from Music Zoo. It should be here Wednesday. But just wondering if anyone has actually bought one. Cheers!
  11. TM1

    Anyone use a TC Mimiq pedal?

    Any thoughts, impressions, suggestions appreciated. Thanks!
  12. TM1

    The Doug & Pat Show's new Video: The Origin Effects RevivialDrive

    Our pals Doug & Pat have a new video: I feel pretty lucky to have one of each!! I also feel Lucky to know Doug & Pat(who are older farts than me..)LOL!
  13. TM1

    Section for Sixties Epiphone?

    Is there a section here for Sixties Kalamazoo made Epiphones? I know there was a separate board for Epiphones that someone started about 10 years ago, but it doesn’t look like anyone has posted anything in a couple of years. I just got a 1965 Al Caiola Custom. The serial number info on that...
  14. TM1

    Origin Effects "Revival Drive".. Wot No Posts?

    I'm very surprised not to see anything here on them: Probably the best I've heard.
  15. TM1

    Who's Using the VIP "Lover" Pickups?

    Was wondering how these are? His concept seems pretty interesting with the Cryo magnet & pole screws and German made to "57 spec" wire. Thanks!
  16. TM1

    Duncan Twin Tube Q?

    Anyone familiar with these? I was wondering if you can swap out the 6111 tube in the Blue Tube for the 6021 for more gain? Thanks!
  17. TM1

    Anyone Have The New LAA Custom CN81 OD?

    Was wondering if anyone's bought one of these and if so, what do you think? Seems interesting using a transformer for the output. Seems like an old Hi-Fi trick. PGS video sounds good, but they always make everything sound good..LOL! Thanks!
  18. TM1

    Anyone Tried The Keeley 1962 or the Oxblood Germanium pedals?

    Looking for opinions on these. Thanks!
  19. TM1

    Travis Bean Artist!

    Back in the mid `70's I owned a Travis Bean Artist #11. I was (and still am) friends with Marc McElwee who was Travis's partner in the original company.It was the 3rd guitar they made and the 1st guitar with a serial number. Sadly I had to sell it in 1994 to help finance a car. I had also...
  20. TM1

    Late 60's T-Tops Dilema...

    Hi guys.. I have 7 or 8 late Sixties T-Tops. All of them are right around the same reading: 7.74k-7.9k d.c. I have a 2004 3-pickup L.P. Custom that Kim @ Historic Makeovers has redone( full RDS package). I love the bridge pickup which is a very early Pat.# with black coil wires, purple plain...

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