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  1. Eball92

    Selling on reverb

    Anyone done it before? Has anyone been screwed over selling on reverb before? I have a bunch of pedals to sell, but I'm wary of buyer protections. As an honest buyer, they're great, but flip the roll to selling and it seems it's not so great, especially when your just trying to make a small...
  2. Eball92

    Model help

    Hey guys and gals, Was looking to buy a an epiphone les paul off a guy, but he only has one pic and I cant find any info or specific model information based off of that. It's the gold top in this link; He claims it's a studio, but I...
  3. Eball92

    Third eye blind

    Heard the usual suspects from these guys on the radio all the time-semi charmed kinda life and hows it gonna be-an decided to check them out, pretty good stuff.
  4. Eball92

    Learning by ear is soo fun...

    For the past few nights I've been working on the intro lick to Boston's peace of mind. Last night I finally figured I had cracked it, since it sounded right to me. So I went on YouTube to see how other people did the chords, just to find out I'm doing it totally wrong :doh: and I had the chords...
  5. Eball92

    Oasis: Supersonic

    I went to see this documentary last night, it was so f***ing good. I can't wait to see it again. Like em or hate em, you cant deny they are the last mega rock band to emerge, which is quite sad really. It was funny to watch and pretty inspirational to me though, but I'm pretty biased since...
  6. Eball92

    Some questions on where to begin

    Hi all, So I've been browsing this section for quite sometime and there is so much useful information in these threads it makes my head spin. You guys do such fantastic work, you are the true "guitar gods" :thumb: I've been wanting to make my own guitar(s) for sometime, but it feels very...
  7. Eball92

    Bigsby B7

    Im looking to put one of these on my les paul. I know I will need the vibratmate to go with it so i dont have to drill holes, but is there anything else I need? like a rolling bridge? or will my nashville bridge be fine?
  8. Eball92

    Replacement bridge and tailpiece

    So I have a gibson I play on the regular, but some days if I have to drag a guitar around I prefer to take my epiphone(in case it gets stolen), and I've noticed now after mainly playing my gibson, when I switch back to the epiphone, where I rest my wrist on the bridge/tailpiece gives me a rash...
  9. Eball92

    The Rush appreciation thread

    There isn't one? :shock: We must change that.
  10. Eball92

    Scales that work well over major keys?

    So in my practicing I have found that 3 scales work really good over a major key, in this case the key of E. The three I've been using are E major, C# minor pent and E major pent. I assume that this would work for any key, i.e. the major scale of that key, as well as the relative minor pent...
  11. Eball92

    Building a pedal board

    I know this section is dedicated to guitar building, but I figured this place is as good as any to start this thread, so here goes; I want to build a pedal board, but have a couple questions. 1. For joining the corners of my board, how should I join it? its going to be stepped on alot, so...
  12. Eball92

    Lets talk about tuning

    I dont have a great sense of being in tune( a huge setback as a musician obviously), but I use a snark clip on tuner and it seems to do the job for me, but that might not cut it when performing for others. Are tuner pedals really worth the $75 rate they are going for? Are they that much more...
  13. Eball92

    This Jazzmaster

    It cant be real right? Its just way to clean to be from '67 :shock:
  14. Eball92

    Radio stations in reaper?

    Hey guys, I have been using amplitude for sometime now, and I like to use it in reaper to keep practices quiet at later hours when I'm wearing headphones. I'm using my guitar straight into a scarlet focusrite solo and I use the ASIO plugin for sound. So when I'm doing that, I have no audio...
  15. Eball92

    Feeling so lost

    I feel like my playing right now is hardly off the ground from when I started 4 years ago(not with routine daily practice). I dont have the fretboard memorized, my scales are sloppy, my arpeggios are very lackluster. Feeling very blue about most of my playing. I suppose it all comes down to...
  16. Eball92

    So how humid does it have to be?

    I just got a Gibson acoustic, which i love, but it comes with the side issue of dealing with it in the dryer winter months. Its starting to get nicer out now, but there is still definitely some dry air left yet. So how humid do I have to keep it? Currently my kitchen is sitting at 52% humidity...
  17. Eball92

    NGD Gibson J-15

    I just picked this one up today, have been playing it for about a week on and off at the store, but no one bought it, so obviously I had to do the right things and buy it! Finance it rather, but hey, its gibson month, itll be paid off in no time :thumb: Pics to follow later when I get home...
  18. Eball92

    Lesson books

    So the other day I bought a couple of books, guitar aerobics, fretboard atlas, and a book on musical theory for guitar which i cant quite remember the name of at the moment lol. Ive been working through the guitar aerobics book, its pretty cool, You do a different technique everyday and learn...
  19. Eball92

    Sunset burst es 335

    So is 2015 the only year gibson came out with this colour with the purplish hue around the edge? Or will I miss out if I don't get one while I have the chance right now?
  20. Eball92

    Customs really worth it?

    Its Gibson month right now at long and mcquade, so foolishly, Ive been looking at lots of LPs and 335s. I would love a black LP custom, but $6000 canadian is a pretty hefty fee. Is there anything that really makes a custom special besides the obvious cosmetics?

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