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  1. acstorfer

    I've Slowly Watched Myself Become a Douchebag

    Like the title says, I think I'm a douchebag. The signs are all there. There is no denying it. I'm just living the douchebag life! 1. I have one of those cutesy 10 pound dogs. My last dog was around 50 pounds which is actually not that big. I use to laugh at people with small dogs, but in...
  2. acstorfer

    My Two Wheeled Destroyer of Worlds!

    Alternative Title, The Scooter Diaries After years of expensive repairs to my car I decided to finally declare defeat, and it is way past the time for another means of transportation. Well, what would it be? I don't want to deal with another car for a while. I don't have a motorcycle...
  3. acstorfer

    There Is Always an Obsession!

    For so many years I was constantly in the grips of gear acquisition syndrome. When I had to stop playing I thought how nice life would be without GAS as a consolation. Unfortunately I learned there's always an obsession! So what have I been obsessing over these last couple years? The first...
  4. acstorfer

    It's been years but I must confess something

    I haven't been around for a very long time I hope everybody's doing good. I see a lot of familiar names on the forum good to see you all. OK, I did it. I finally traded in my iPhone for a Galaxy. I don't know what the hell took me so long to do this. This phone is the coolest thing I've ever...
  5. acstorfer

    Lethal Weapon 5

    Because it’s still alright to laugh at hysterically funny things
  6. acstorfer

    Is it body shaming

    Is it body shaming when you see someone terrifyingly thin and you say something? I’m going with, somebody get this girl a sandwich?
  7. acstorfer

    Space Command

    Space Command This was put together by a former Star Trek writer, and I’m guessing by the cast Babylon 5 as well. He definitely has some pull in the science fiction genre because the cast is seriously impressive. This is a demo put together to sell to a production company for an actual...
  8. acstorfer

    For those who ink, what’s your future ink plans?

    Since it was Bling’s post that inspired me he gets first post I like it!
  9. acstorfer


    In case anyone is interested Hulu has a special deal going. They are selling a 1 year subscription for $12.00. Not everyone is eligible. I’ve used a lot of their free trials :).
  10. acstorfer

    Goodbye To The Last Perfect Thing

    Throughout celluloid history there has been only one perfect movie ever made. Some were close, for example Chinatown, but only one movie was perfect. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Jack Burton, owner/operator of the Porkchop Express. I’m sorry but that movie is perfect because of the team of...
  11. acstorfer

    N.I.D. - New Ink Day

    Well I got bored tonight so I decided to check out my old artist’s shop and look at the artwork they have displayed. So this happened. My nickname in the Air Force was Chicken Hawk. It came from after a day at Camp Bullis doing M-60 training. When I got in I took off my cover and a girl...
  12. acstorfer

    V.A.S. Has Replaced G.A.S.

    Since stopping guitar the good news has been no GAS. In fact the gear I have is over the top nice to just sit around. Anyway, now I suffer from vaporizer acquisition syndrome (VAS). Since approving mmj the state has been fighting flower tooth and nail forcing us to use concentrates. Anyway a...
  13. acstorfer

    After Five Months It’s Time To Give In

    Back in May my water heater took a dump on me. Because there was some rust my (ex) warranty company wouldn’t cover it. I understand, it was in my contract. Anyway after dealing with the warranty company I realized in South Florida the water isn’t really that cold. What I also realized after...
  14. acstorfer

    This is too funny

    Hmmm, I guess I’m warped laughing at this, but yup, I’m laughing pretty hard.
  15. acstorfer

    People Make This Terrible Thing?

    Mankind has created some truly awe inspiring things. From Stonehenge to the CERN Hadron Supercollider, we just did some cool things. And then we gone and done this... A burger in a can? A freakin burger in a can? That’s just bizarre! I’ve eaten truly terrible things. Most of the MREs...
  16. acstorfer

    Shut Up Wesley

    okay, the irony in this is delicious! The article is too much of a pain to copy the whole thing. For social media users who are sick of Twitter, open-source platform...
  17. acstorfer

    The Cost of Movies

    There has been something bothering me about movies as of late. I guess it really got to me while I was reading how Oceans 8 was a financial success. The headline was something like Oceans 8 was the highest earner in the franchise. After the title they begrudgingly admitted that if one adjusts...
  18. acstorfer

    Ink Master

    Okay, I admit it. I like Ink Master. I enjoy the trash talk, and I love the art. I’ve learned a lot from that show. There are certain things you want to see in a portfolio and if I didn’t know what I was doing, my tattoo on my right forearm could have been a complete sh*t-show. Anyway, at...
  19. acstorfer

    ****%%%%*^#^**# My Back!!!!!

    Weirdest thing really. For the last few days I felt something up with my back. I always was surprised my back didn’t throw. This morning I’m lying in bed, and then the unimaginable happens. I sneezed! Not too bad. Getting up and down is slow but doable. Walking standing and sitting are no...
  20. acstorfer

    Beyonce and Jay Z attacked on stage.

    Beyonce and Jay Z attacked on stage.

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