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  1. J

    SOLD FS-2015 Epiphone Iommi Signature SG with case

    Well, here goes... 2015 Epiphone Iommi Signature SG. Thinning herd due to stroke. This has spent most of its life as a wall hanger, which I really hate to admit. It is in excellent condition with only some surface dust or smudges. To me, it was so nice I was afraid to play it, so I used...
  2. J

    2020 Gibson Les Paul Classic for sale

    Well, starting to thin my herd due to health issues. I acquired this guitar from Guitar Center last August. The intent was to use it as an incentive to help my recovery from my stroke, but that has not worked as planned. After purchase, I added a new set of Hipshot tuners, but otherwise, this...
  3. J

    Question concerning selling some of my guitars.

    I am not sure if this is the right subforum or if it even belongs on this site at all, but I thought I would ask for opinions. Mods can move or delete if needed. Since my stroke in July, my dexterity has not returned at all, it is possibly even getting a bit worse. I have decided to move most...
  4. J

    New to me NGD: 2020 Epi Les Paul Classic

    This was an impulse buy, I found a Les Paul Classic husk in eBay. Normally the seller has units that have had repaired neck breaks and such, but this one only had a chunk of the poly finish taken out next to the control cavity. My though was to pick it up and use up some of the spare parts I had...
  5. J

    NGD-Belated: 2020 Les Paul Classic

    I am posting this a bit late, I picked this up at Guitar Center about a month ago. I was trading some unused equipment in with the intention of ordering one of the new Iommi SG's. While I was waiting for them to evaluate my trade ins, I was trying out one of the Les Paul Tributes. I was...
  6. J

    NGD: Epiphone Joe Bonamassa 59 Les Paul

    The weather finally cleared up enough to get some pics in good light. I received this Friday from GC/MF. It does need a quick setup but I am loving it.
  7. J

    Refinish 2010 Les Paul Studio

    Well, it only took a year for me to take the step and start my Studio refinish project. I posted a HNGD thread almost a year ago Most suggestions to me were to leave it alone and play it. My intention was to...
  8. J

    NGD- Epiphone Iommi SG

    It finally arrived today. Only issue is the action is a bit high, but I will take care of that. I sounds and feels great.
  9. J

    HNGD Well used LP Studio

    Well, I have not been here for awhile due to life issues (best discussed over stiff drinks).... In any case, was out shopping for gifts for my son at GC and came upon this. 2010 Les Paul Studio. I have been looking for a project and this one certainly fills the bill. As they say, you pick...
  10. J

    HNGD for me from Ms Claus

    I am a noob here, but have been lurking for a few weeks now. I have been waiting for some reimbursement money to come back in January so I can get my first GOOD guitar. I had narrowed it down to an Epiphone Les Paul Studio, Studio Deluxe or a Standard Plaintop. The problem was that with the...

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