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    I collected them as a kid. I had a pretty cool collection, but stopped when postcards started changing shape, getting weird edges, and especially putting the name of where you are on the postcard front!! Who needs to be told your are writing a postcard from Paris with the Eiffel Tower on the...
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    random new track: Lazy Days (warning! original content)

    I played the lead tracks on this, I like the way they turned out, both intro riff and solo (1:45). I made a random, unnecessary animation for it.
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    (comic book > media) super heroes then... and now

    thank GOD his pants always stayed on is that even real? wtf is that he's wearing? (either case) I'll go with the original. this one looks a bit improved.
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    Bird bounces golf ball on the cart path!
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    happy birthday You

    The odds are 1 in 365 that it's your birthday today, so that means, if there are 97,141 current members odds are that there are 266.12 members with birthdays today, so happy b day to you! (There are 4 listed in Today's Birthdays.) fyi: In a room of just 23 people there’s a 50-50 chance of...
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    guilty pleasure night: Pink Floyd tribute band

    'Pigs on the Wing'. I need a break! :) I've seen them once before, I liked it.
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    Brian May. Rock star, astrophysicist, now VR enthusiast

    May showing his creation, the Owl, for smartphones: clipping: "I think ultimately virtual reality will change the world," said May, "because you'll be able to build exactly what you want and have everything in [the virtual world] that you love and cherish, and you will feel like you can...
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    Amputee Bionic Arm That Has Its Own Drone

    "When biological scientist James Young was pulled under a train in London in 2012, he feared the worst. His left foot was severed, and his left arm later had to be amputated to save his life. But now, four years later, he’s been given a new lease of life thanks to a futuristic-looking...
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    SHEL - Enter Sandman I think the sign of a good song is it's ability to be covered in a range of ways, but weak video imho.
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    cats on synthesizers in space
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    I'm a man of few words.

    Are you?
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    Seattle hot and dry record Well, Seattle did it — they set a new record for most number of 90-degree days in a year yesterday. Ten! And they are likely to tack on at...
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    "best" lineup ever in the works?...

    Goldenvoice Entertainment - the company behind Coachella - are putting together what could be the biggest bill in rock music history. Taking place in October, reports state that the show will feature Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Roger Waters and The Who among its...
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    don't you love it when the song you like on the radio ends...

    ...right when you pull up to where you're driving to?
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    An Animation Created Using Old Photos from the Early 1900s

    I enjoy creative visuals, particularly animation, I thought this was an interesting little short. "Here’s an amazing short film titled “The Old New World” by photographer and animator Alexey Zakharov, who found old photos of US cities from the early 1900s and brought them to life. The photos...
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    test image thingy yea, don't know how to make it 'play'
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    Easter Island heads - unearthed!
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    Ozric Tentacles ~ Seattle

    A rare treat for me, as this band, though based in Colorado, mainly tours Europe, where they are from. Coming to the Nectar lounge in April. Truly psychedelic sound, complex and abstract. It's been a long, long time since they were last here, at the El Corazon, that I think is gone. Worth...
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    Nuts! How do you like your nuts?

    I've gone to mixed nuts. Sure, I love cashews, but you can't just eat cashews. Also there are macadamia nuts, but they are kind of expensive. Pistachios! Yes, pistachios. Not sure which are better, shelled or unshelled. Just digging in is great, but there's also the ritual of the opening of the...
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    ‘Three-parent babies’ are ethically permissible, U.S. panel says

    What was once science fiction is now coming true. How soon till Designer Babies? More human than human. ‘Three-parent babies’ are ethically permissible, U.S. panel says It is ethically permissible to create “three-parent babies” in clinical experiments, as long as certain guidelines are...

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