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  1. edwardn222

    Tokai LS100 - Veneer or Solid?

    It does look rather veneer like. Could be an ls120 that an employee improperly stickered as I believe those had a veneer and the Dimarzio pups, beautiful guitar regardless. At the end of the day, I’d choose the specs that’d make me sleep best at night. If solid top is your thing, go with the...
  2. edwardn222

    2 les pauls weigh the same, but one feels heavier?

    Are the neck profiles dramatically different? From my personal experience, LP’s with thinner necks feel uncomfortably heavy on the body side. Maybe just a difference in weight balance between the two guitars?
  3. edwardn222

    40 years since the golden age: Show us your bumps, bruises and checking!

    Figured I'd add my '80 LS80 to the thread! The guitar has been heavily played/gigged throughout the years by the previous owner, recently requiring a refret. The only place on the guitar with checking, albeit very minimal, is right in between the pickups.
  4. edwardn222

    First Post and Late NGDs - Two Early 80's Tokai LS's

    Thanks for the welcomes :)
  5. edwardn222

    First Post and Late NGDs - Two Early 80's Tokai LS's

    Hello there people of MLP, I've been a lurker on the forum for over a year and hadn't posted until now because I didn't really have anything to add or document considering my gear was lack luster and there are far more knowledgeable people than I on this forum, however, after being in the market...

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