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    FS: 2008 Gibson Les Paul BFG Silverburst

    look at the top ~!!!
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    1987 Gibson Les Paul Custom - Almost Unplayed!

    looks outstanding man
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    1982 Gibson "The V" flametop

    nice one
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    2009 '57 Goldtop Darkback Reissue $2500

    this is beautiful congratz to the new owner~!
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    Indian Rosewood Back & Sides $75

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    WTB - Case for LP Junior

    any pictures?
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    FS/FT 09 Les Paul Trad Pro in CherryBurst

    this is a beauty
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    FS 1996 Gibson BB King Lucille

    bump. this is pretty
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    1991 Gibson catalog

    great post thx ~~~~~
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    Will Gibson build a Les Paul to a customers spec?

    i am sure they already did

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