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    Help me ID my pickups please.

    So I bought this 1995 Les Paul Classic Plus a few weeks ago. I had the time yesterday to throw some new strings on her and go over the guitar very thoroughly. I really like this guitar alot. Has such a wonderful slim neck on it. Its a lot different Than my Traditional Trad Pro V. I am hoping...
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    NGD for ME!!!!

    So I went to a guitar show this Sunday expecting to find something that would catch my fancy as I was in the market for another Les Paul. So long story short went to the show and really didn't see anything that spoke to me. So I decided to hit the local GC to the area and see what they had...
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    2x12 cabs

    I need some advice. I am looking into getting a 2x12 cabinet. I want to get rid of my orange rocker 15 combo. I am looking too get a rocker 15 head and a Marshall dsl 20 head. Is their a huge advantage to a 2x12 cabinet vs say a single 1x12 cabinet? I don’t play out just in my home. Also...
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    Gibson demo shop prices

    Yes I know there have been various posts about this. That being said I just don’t understand the prices on their reverb site. They want and get full retail prices on old damaged and dinged up guitars. What am I missing here? When it first started you could score a deal now it’s just a bit...
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    Headstock repaired pricing

    So long story short....I had my local GC hunt me down a Lp trad pro v blueberry burst. They shipped it from another store and low and behold it had a busted headstock. The repair looked pretty darn good on it. But I wanted something perfect. In the warehouse the had the same guitar but in the...
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    Anyone ever have thier guitar setup/ scanned by a Plek machine? If so do you feel it was worth it?
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    Blueberry burst

    I was looking for a Blueberry burst trad pro v for my first real Les Paul. I was totally in love with the Blueberry Burst finish. Unfortunately it appears to be extremely difficult to find. After my sales guy at my local GC found a few like 5 total available. After calling those locations only 1...

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