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    Best wraparound for LP BJA in your opinion

    ב"ה Hi, I wonder what is your experience with wraparound bridges as mojotone, tone pros..... I have a BJA LP Jr and I want to change its bridge. And yes I want it to be intonated but I don't use capo. Are the studs important? I see that some companies sell the wraparound WITH studs (Tone Pros)...
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    LP Junior BJA + advice on pots/capacitors/bridge

    ב"ה Hi, Is there anyone with experience with the Junior Billie Joe Armstrong? I was offered one for 1100 USD with a p90s Planet tone. Is it a good deal? I opened it and the pots and the wiring are not looking good. I have some CTS in my studio, long shaft. Are they good for this project? What...
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    Les Paul Junior DC alternatives

    ב"ה Hi, I am looking for a LP Junior DC but I don't want to buy Gibson, I don't believe in this company for previous experiences and I don't want to pay 3k for a CS version of a guitar that was intended to be a student version. I will be glad to hear your experiences. I live in Israel so I have...

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