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  1. Sirstringalot

    Renewed Appreciation for Strats

    I went in the other direction after years of strats and some tele's I went the way of Gibson and PRS.
  2. Sirstringalot

    LP junior weight range.

    My 2022 LP special is 9 pounds.
  3. Sirstringalot

    PRS vs Gibson neck joints, similar different?

    Was curious to learn if one method is better than the other strength wise.. For example a Gibson SG vs S2 PRS. Thanks
  4. Sirstringalot

    LP junior weight range.

    you sure will
  5. Sirstringalot

    Does the LP Special Tribute have weight relief?

    QUOTE "The lower end LPs get the denser wood, generally". interesting maybe that's why Mick Taylor says he always picks the lightest LP's when choosing.
  6. Sirstringalot

    Does the LP Special Tribute have weight relief?

    Just picked one up and it's exactly 9 pounds a little heavier than I expected for a slab body. Went to Gibsons website and didn't see any info on weight relief under specs . Anyone know? Just curious. Thanks
  7. Sirstringalot

    What P90's is Gibson putting in the new special tribute Les Pauls

    Got one today and very happy with the tone but curious because they seem to be high output and hotter than the p90's I remember from years back.
  8. Sirstringalot

    SG Neck Question

    I presently have a SG Tribute and wondering if the neck join is as strong as the standard?
  9. Sirstringalot

    Is the LP Special Tribute P90 reverse wound?

    I had a LP special and the P90's weren't reverse wound so I guess the special tribute isn't either? Does anyone know why Gibson doesn't reverse wind the p90's thereby eliminating the hum in the middle position. I just don't understand why it wouldn't' be reverse wound like a Fender tele or strat...
  10. Sirstringalot

    Not overly impressed with my new SG tribute

    Agreed, probably wont. Here's my point about this guitar, if you buy the les Paul Tribute you get a real nice maple top, trapezoid inlay and trim rings for a $100 price difference so seems like the SG tribute is over priced as you get a slab of mahogany and two pickups. Even the rosewood board...
  11. Sirstringalot

    SG Neck Question

    I guess that accounts for most breaks being at the headstock.
  12. Sirstringalot

    Not overly impressed with my new SG tribute

    Love the covers!
  13. Sirstringalot

    SG Neck Question

    I'm looking at the new SG standard and it says (long tenon 19th fret neck join).Has this been done on previous models and is it really stonger? Thanks
  14. Sirstringalot

    Not overly impressed with my new SG tribute

    yes and no, I knew it had dot markers which I didn't understand why but overlooked it. Now seeing the finish in person with no pickup covers or trim it looks real cheesy. If SG's don't have rings due to neck angle (im guessing) then covers should be a must. Not sure what to do cause it plays...
  15. Sirstringalot

    Not overly impressed with my new SG tribute

    After owning a Les Paul tribute and LP special tribute I thought I'd get an SG and have something light to play, I probably got a bad one? even the finish has visable imperfections and this model overpriced imo for how little you get compared to other Gibson models, no trapezoid inlay and not...
  16. Sirstringalot

    LP Tribute vs SG Tribute.

    Can't find a thing anywhere about the LP tribute having a shootout with it's SG cousin.
  17. Sirstringalot

    Gibson finish question

    What exactly is the difference between Gibson's nitro mat and their satin finish other than the obvious looks of them, is the satin a nitro or varnish or something else? thanks
  18. Sirstringalot

    I Am So Done With Reverb

    I agree, just sold a LP there and similar numbers.

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