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    R0 Or classic

    Hi all, Just a quick one. I'm looking at an R0 serial number 0 08486 and I've looked on the Gibson Guitar Dater Project to verify the number and it comes up as unknown. 0 denotes 1960 and I assume 8 the year of manufacture. It my first RX guitar and want to do my homework.....can anyone...
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    Identify a gibson

    Which model is this gibson? [/IMG] Thanks
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    Gibson 1971 original or fake

    Its original or fake guys [/IMG]
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    Help me to identify a gibson

    Can you guys tell me the model and year of this guitar?
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    original or fake?

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    Stranger gibson fake or original???

    Do you guys knows if this is a original gibson or fake?? Regards
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    gibson les paul zakk wylde, fake or original?

    Hello, Guys,Can you help me?7 I want to know if this guitar is original or fake? regards Gibson Les Paul Custom Zakk Wylde Edition | eBay
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    GIbsons Jimmy page, original or fake?

    I need help with this guitar, I want to know if its fake or not.
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    GIbsons Jimmy page, original or fake?

    Saw 2 ad on ebay, and I want you opinion fake or original. Jimmy Page Gibson VOS Les Paul #159 | eBay and this one 2005 Gibson Jimmy Page Custom Authentic Les Paul Only 8 3 Lbs | eBay
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    WTB: Gibson Les Paul Jimmy Page Number Two

    Hello Guys, I'm looking for one gibson JP #2 if anyone saw a ad, or want to sell, please contact me at: [email protected]
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    Help with a gibson custom vos jimmy page

    Can you guys help me? I want to know if this ebay ad Gibson Les Paul Custom Jimmy Page Vos Black Beauty 200 with Bigsby | eBay its a original or its a fake? many thanks, you guys help me a lot.
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    help with a old gibson

    The guy said its a original gibson custom from 1967 can you guys confirm? regards
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    Help with a gibson custom

    Can you guys help me to identify a gibson custom shop? I want to know if this gibson is a VOS or not. Thanks in advance
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    Help with a gibson

    Hello, Can anyone tell me the model of this guitar? someone told me tha is a gibson standard, but I believe not.. can anyone help me?
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    gibson les paul ace Frehley 1977

    real or fake? the guy said it was original 1977 I belive not.
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    gibson camo: real or fake?

    My question.. Its real or fake?

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