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  1. notjoeaverage

    One offs or rarest Epiphone LP'S?

    I got mine a few weeks after they were announced and the back is the same, I've never seen anything else.
  2. notjoeaverage

    NGD - Finally Got The GOLD

    Nothing like a Gold Top with a light finish on the back HNGTD
  3. notjoeaverage

    Upcoming NGD: 2019 LP Std. 60's Unburst

    LPnut I envy you being able to pull the trigger so soon I'm gonna have to wait longer than I think I can stand. I just bought a new 2017 Classic Gold Top in April and now they come out with the 60's Unburst. Now I have to save up all over again. This style of top is my favourite reminds me of...
  4. notjoeaverage

    Not Sure If They Did a Good Job Installing My New Pickups!

    I remember a shop class about '77ish 6th grade we actually pulled our irons out of the fire to finish our metal box seams. I pulled wire you would probably find in your wall out of a Flying V a customer brought me. I kid you not it was at least 18 AWG. If I still have some of it around I'll...
  5. notjoeaverage

    ES 339 P90 Pro?

    I have a 339 Black Royale, a 339 Ultra and a 339 P90 Pro, guess you could say I don't have a problem with them. They are a great Blues and Blues/Rock machine and good for anything else you can think of.
  6. notjoeaverage

    Looking for a replacement pickup.

    Before ever changing any pickups in any guitar you should first change the wiring harness and possibly the pots and caps if you actually use your tone and volume controls, also converting to 50's style wiring would help before changing pickups and don't forget to play with pup and pole piece...
  7. notjoeaverage

    Wiring Library

    Anyone have a JHS Vintage Thomas Blug Strat. This is what the wiring looks like in mine but the tone adjustment doesn't work. I found this which is a different wiring scheme Some pics of the way mine is wired
  8. notjoeaverage

    What to upgrade?

    Things that are used to cut costs in an Epi and are not as good as they should be can usually be found inside, specifically the wiring it's self, the jack and the switch. They should all be upgraded in order to actually hear what your LP sounds like. If you don't like the feel of the pots or...
  9. notjoeaverage

    Anyone Use an Attenuator on a 1 Watt?

    I picked up a Panama 1x12 cabinet with built in attenuator and a Celestion Gold 16ohm it was used and a good price so why not. It does what you need Ive used it with a 2W Lil Night Train, 6W variable VHT Ultra, 15W/.75W Laney Cub, 15W Egnater...
  10. notjoeaverage

    help me choose an amp...

    Came across this and thought it might give you some ideas.
  11. notjoeaverage

    Another new Epi for 2016 on the way....

    Here we go again, after getting the 100th Anni Custom LP my budget is a little tight, just got a powered PA and now need speakers and a monitor or two before another guitar. If I can swing it in the Fall maybe, if not I'd definitely be looking for one barely used. I'm sure someone won't be...
  12. notjoeaverage

    In search of a new amp!

    Cybermgk is on the right track. I have the Laney 12R Cub Head and I love it, all I play mostly is classic rock. I use 4 different cabs 3 2x12s and a 1x12 with a built in attenuator from Panama when you need to be quite but still want to push the valves some. The less than 1 watt is rated at...
  13. notjoeaverage

    help me choose an amp... Sound like Jimmy Page video by busting the bank. They used a Friedman amp, I don't know the exchange rate, so you'd have to figure that out. I would go head and cab so you have the option to get the speakers you want instead of having to change...
  14. notjoeaverage

    Playing slide on my epiphone, Raise the action?

    sk8rat nailed it, you only need to raise the action if you don't know how to use a slide. Pretend you're trying to play a harmonic the whole time a light touch is key.
  15. notjoeaverage

    Laney Cub 8

    It's not even on the Laney Website any longer. I have the Head which is 15W and 3/4W with Reverb and I love it. Has a nice British Invasion crunch. Personally I think most combos with an 8in speaker are just short of useless, because it's not going to sound like anything you're looking for. I...
  16. notjoeaverage

    Suggest me an Epiphone Les Paul model

    95% of Epi Les Pauls have a Slim Taper D neck profile, which is a bout as close as you can get to a Gibson 60's neck. The Bonamassas and 1956 Les Paul Standard GT and Standard PRO as mentioned are more what you're lookin for. The only others listed in the Epi Wiki are these: Music Rising Les...
  17. notjoeaverage

    NGD WildKat Red Royale

    Welcome to the Kat Club HNRRD
  18. notjoeaverage

    Epi LP Custom 100th Anniversary

    Makes me wonder how I got mine so easily. I ordered it the day after they announced in Nov. and it arrived 2nd or 3rd week of Jan, was told it would be mid to late Feb. I ordered through my local Mom & Pop store. I got the Natural and they got a Cherry for themselves. They both came...
  19. notjoeaverage

    NGD - Epi LP St 06

    HNGD and welcome to the world of improving your Epi. For the most part the switches and jacks wear out pretty quick and you're already well aware of the "quality" of the wire itself. The way I have found to keep costs down is to first replace the complete wiring harness, the switch and the...
  20. notjoeaverage

    Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus-Can i sound like Gilmour

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