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  1. jonnyglock9

    Telltale signs of a Deluxe to Standard conversion?

    Greetings fellow LP fans, The other day I played an early 1970's Les Paul Standard Gold Top, that was just a fantastic playing and sounding guitar. I want to buy it. I am hoping someone could help me answer a couple of questions. As we know, 1970-75 was dominated by the Les Paul Deluxe with...
  2. jonnyglock9

    WTB... PEDALS!

    Hey All, I recently sold my Kemper, and am in back of the land of tube amps. Looking to expand my pedal collection. Primarily looking for some more boutique-y USA-made pedals like JHS, Wampler, Earthquaker, Catalinabread, etc. Drives, 'verbs, modulations, delays, weird-ass one-trick ponies...
  3. jonnyglock9

    Do you ever cut your nuts like this?

    Pardon the cheeky title :p I have been doing some research on Les Paul nuts, trying to address tuning stability issues on an R8. It is perfectly intonated, set-up like a dream, but doesn't stay in tune for more than 5 minutes. I came across Gerry's work at Haze Guitars. I am wondering if any...
  4. jonnyglock9

    What's the easiest way to understand/remember ohms, watts, etc. for speaker cabs?

    For some reason I am baffled by ohms, wattage, and compatibility between different heads, cabs, speakers etc. probably because I've mostly used combo amps in the past. I feel like this is pretty elementary stuff that I should know after playing guitar for 20+ years, but alas, I am at a loss...
  5. jonnyglock9

    Shipping guitar with ebony wood fingerboard... CITES restrictions?

    I wasn't quite sure which subforum to put this in. I feel like I've read literally everything that exists on the internet on this subject, and still can't arrive at a definitive conclusion. I just bought a 1981 Yamaha SG2000 (b/c I just had to know) from a guy in Taiwan, via Reverb. It has an...
  6. jonnyglock9

    Is a vintage Epiphone Century worth the price?

    Let's say you have a pretty good deal lined up on a 60's era Epiphone Century. It plays beautifully and looks great too. But it costs 3-4 times as much as a brand new/lightly-used one, which looks and plays just as good. Is it worth going vintage in this case? Will a vintage Epiphone hold or...
  7. jonnyglock9

    Repairing the Gibson headstock logo on a vintage guitar?

    Is there a known, reliable way to cleanly, securely, and (for lack of a better word) legitimately replace/restore a Gibson headstock logo? I have an awesome deal lined up for a 1968 ES-335, which is in fantastic condition, the only major issue being that almost the entire "n" at the end of the...
  8. jonnyglock9

    Checking out a 2015 R8... two saddles seem to be on backwards?

    I am very close to pulling the trigger on an excellent condition 2015 Cherry Sunburst R8. The guy and I agreed on 3150, sold and shipped. That's a good price, right? Anyhoo, the main reason I am posting is, I just looked closer at the saddle assembly, and the saddle pieces on the low E and A...

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