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  1. GrandJunction

    Les Paul 12-String

    In my almost never-ending search for new and 'different' guitars, I have suddenly delveloped an interest in a Les Paul 12-string. (I had the opportunity to pick up a goldtop version a few years back, but never pulled the trigger.) It appears as though there has not been a discussion on these...
  2. GrandJunction

    This Beast . . .

    . . . just showed up for sale:
  3. GrandJunction

    Bad Beginner's Information

    To make a very long story short; when I very first got interested in playing guitar I picked up some really bad information about guitars. Somewhere, somehow, I got the word that there were only two 'real' guitars for playing rock and roll . . . a Fender Stratocaster and a Gibson Les Paul –...
  4. GrandJunction

    What Is Your Favorite Aspect . . .

    . . . about being a musician? - Performing live - Comradery with other musicians - Recording - Personal/professional recognition or awards - Doing radio/TV interviews or performances - Financial compensation - Writing/Arranging - Making videos - Groupies etc . . . .
  5. GrandJunction

    GAS List

    It looks like it has been nearly a decade since this type of thread has popped up, so I thought I would give it new life. So - apart from the ultimate 'dream guitar' that you might not ever be able to afford - what is on your realistic GAS list? I will start with 2 simple Epiphones: an...
  6. GrandJunction

    Confessions of an Ignorant Newbie

    Earlier today I was laughing to myself about my earliest guitar playing days. Some of my friends and I were enamored with guitars, but knew embarrassingly little about them. For example: We could not figure out how the 3-way switch worked on a Les Paul . . . we knew that it changed the sound of...
  7. GrandJunction

    Along With The Guitar . . . .

    . . . how many other instruments can you play?
  8. GrandJunction

    NGD - Squier Starcaster Semi-hollow

    Brand new; Classic Vibe model. As expedted, out-of-the-box it needed some minor general set-up work - but after 20 minutes of tweaking, it's a beauty. Far, FAR better than my old 1972 Coronado.
  9. GrandJunction

    What Has Been Your Favorite . . . .

    . . . Epiphone Les Paul? I will start by saying that for me it was the 'Inspired by '55' that came out a couple of years ago . . . every day I still kick myself for selling it!
  10. GrandJunction

    Considering A Mod On A Custom

    Long story short - I have long wanted a Gibson 3-pickup Black Beauty Custom. (I already have an Epiphone version, and don't normally care about the name on the headstock, but this is my one 'dream guitar' indulgence.) I have recently considerd saving a couple of thousand dollars by buying a...
  11. GrandJunction

    Guitar Collection - and . . . .

    Long story short - I am (or have been) a collector of many things over the years (sports cards, records, guitars, coins, books, beer bottle caps, etc.). Just wondering what else folks here at MLP might also collect.
  12. GrandJunction

    What Would Be Your . . .

    . . . ultimate piece of Music Gear gift from Santa this year?
  13. GrandJunction

    Fender Coronado Reissues?

    Long story short - some years ago I owned a vintage Coronado . . . cool looking but didn't sound great, at all. Just wondering if anyone has had any experince with the reissues that came out a few years back?
  14. GrandJunction

    Epiphone E1 Melody Maker?

    Sorry if this thread has come up before (I couldn't find it when I did a search); but is there any sort of consensus on the current Epiphone Melody Maker? I tried one out at the local guitar shop - the neck felt nice, but it was bowed and it played like a beast. I couldn't help but wonder what...

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