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  1. jonnyglock9

    Gibson R8 serial number

    I have your R8's twin sister, #842467. Well done!
  2. jonnyglock9

    Hi there, is this the exact configuration as the Billy Corgan loaded pickguards, "Featuring...

    Hi there, is this the exact configuration as the Billy Corgan loaded pickguards, "Featuring Billy’s signature BC-1™ pickup in the neck, BC-2™ in the bridge and The Chopper™ in the middle"? Thanks!
  3. jonnyglock9

    Here is my refinshed 2016 Les Paul after 30 days of UV exposure.

    Wow, I am very intrigued. Might be doing this to my R8. It's beautiful but the cherry reds are just a hair intense.
  4. jonnyglock9


    Beauties. Great listing, very tempting!!
  5. jonnyglock9


    Well that certainly does tickle the 'ole... nevermind. :D Beautiful guitar! GLWTS!
  6. jonnyglock9

    FS 3 x rare and really nice MiJ LPs SOLVED

    Wowsers! Nice trio there. GLWTS!
  7. jonnyglock9


    Dang, I have the JJ Jr. Very tempting to upgrade, especially with the signature...... yeesh why does this have to be at Xmas time haha
  8. jonnyglock9

    FSOT: Tyler JT46

    I am actually related to John Brinton through marriage. I've been meaning to buy one of his amps. Can I see some pics? Can DM or email me if that's easier.
  9. jonnyglock9

    ***SOLD!!!*** 2011 Tokai Love Rock HLS-VOS

    Are you planning to post pics, or just DM'ing? I'd love to see the Tokai either way!
  10. jonnyglock9

    Sold: Fender Parallel Universe II Uptown Strat - Reduced

    Hadn't seen this one yet, I dig it!!
  11. jonnyglock9

    2001 PRS Custom 24 Ten Top

    Is that an ebony board or just really dark rosewood? Super nice!
  12. jonnyglock9

    Telltale signs of a Deluxe to Standard conversion?

    Thanks! The tone, feel, are absolutely incredible. I don't think anyone has worked on it in decades, and it is *perfectly* intonated, stays in tune for dayyysss. Sounds like a dream. Super spanky PAF tones. Ah, right on. The guy I bought this from actually had a '69 Custom as well, which I...
  13. jonnyglock9

    Telltale signs of a Deluxe to Standard conversion?

    This is exactly what mine is. The story from the gentleman I bought it from was that it was a custom-ordered Standard in the early '70s. I am still somewhat perplexed, as the serial number on the headstock indicates it is a 1970-1972 Kalamazoo-made guitar. The pot codes have a 1974 date though...
  14. jonnyglock9

    Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster GT11 Fiesta Red/Black Relic

    Hey there, did you ever sell this? Still looking to offload? (I know it's been a lil while...) :)
  15. jonnyglock9

    2003 Gibson Les Paul ‘68 Reissue Custom Authentic Ebony

    Gorgeous and great deal! Tempting.... GLWTS!
  16. jonnyglock9

    Sold - Please Delete

    I'll take it.
  17. jonnyglock9

    Found one like the one that got away.

    Wow, the resemblance is uncanny! I hope it fills the void. I know what it's like to regret the loss of a particular guitar.

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