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  1. MrRhoads

    T-Top inductance?

    Hi, Does anyone know which inductance value the Gibson T-Top pickup from the 1970s had which ranged from 7.5-7.75kOhm??? edit: please specify if your measurements are with or without covers.
  2. MrRhoads

    Ibanez RG2570 thoughts?

    I found a used Ibanez RG2570 which seem to have a reasonable prise. I´ve come to conclusion that i really need 24frets and Ibanez seems like a good choice, i´ve liked the RG guitars before i´ve tried. So thoughts, pros and cons are welcome :) The store is to far away for me to go and try it.
  3. MrRhoads

    Brass nut, please educate me

    Well i´ve started to thinking about trying a brassnut since my guitar hero Yngwie Malmsteen uses one. I´ve only had Graphtech nut and i´ve got no complaints about just curious about the brass nut as to how it will sound different. Anyone who has any experience or know please share. All i´ve...
  4. MrRhoads

    How to age olympic white?

    Does anyone know a good way to age a Stratocaster body in olympic white to that nice yellow color of Yngwie Malmsteens and Ritchie Blackmores guitars?
  5. MrRhoads

    Mexican Fenders

    I´ve started to hear rumours that Mexican Fenders are built by bodies and necks from USA and then painted and assembled in Mexico. Does anyone know if this is true?
  6. MrRhoads

    How i scalloped my Strat :)

    The thread is in the luthiers corner
  7. MrRhoads

    How i scalloped my Strat

    Hello folks, Some weeks ago i asked for tips with scalloping and now i´ve done it and here´s how i did it. Click the images for larger ones. 1. Checking how high the neck screws go into the neck so that i won´t file to much and expose them. 2. Checking the trussrod height in...
  8. MrRhoads

    Bending on a 7,25' radius neck?

    Hi, I have a MIJ Fender Stratocaster with a 7,25' radius neck. I was wondering if anyone else has a Strat with 7,25' but which has a setup that doesn´t require a extreme string height for the thin e string when it comes to serious bends so that it don´t fret out. I prefer to be able to do...
  9. MrRhoads

    Things needed for scalloping and changing neck radius

    Hi So i plan to buy a Stratocaster neck to practice some scalloping and radius change, re-fretting i´ve done once before with good results. Any tips on tools needed and any good "how to" aproaches is highly apreciated. Have a nice day
  10. MrRhoads

    Bill Lawrence Microcoils Demo

    Hi, This was posted on facebook a week ago and you don´t need facebook to watch it. Bill is playing his Strat in which he has his Microcoils with Alnico 2 magnets. Just love the treble :D Listen and enjoy. Does anyone have the microcoils...
  11. MrRhoads

    Strat Blues - Let´s hear it :)

    Please give me some youtube videos with someone playing blues on Strat :) Yourself or one of the masters, doesn´t mather just post some videos please :)
  12. MrRhoads

    Callaham Stratocaster Bridge

    Hello Just ordered me a bridge today :) Callaham Vintage Guitars and Parts (Strat Parts) Anyonelse got them? Let me know what you think of it. I have tried a Strat before with Callaham and it was awesome :)
  13. MrRhoads

    Strings gauges, personal preferences or different tone?

    Besides being a personal preference with string gauges does anyone find any tonal advantages with lighter or heavier strings?
  14. MrRhoads

    Line6 POD HD300

    Do you think the Line6 POD HD300 is a good alternative to my Peavey Windsor Studio tube amp? I only play at home in a apartment with neighbours :( so i also wan´t something that´s easy to record on the computer with but with ok quality. Rock on!
  15. MrRhoads

    Real or not Fender Strat 1978-1979?

    What do you guys make of this one Fender Stratocaster 1979 | Stockholm | Blocket It doesn´t look very old..
  16. MrRhoads

    Need Fender Stratocaster info about geniuine Strat ID

    Hi, I´m looking for 70s style Fender Stratocasters here in Sweden and i´ve seen some for sale which are enlisted as real 70s but they miss the "original contour body" sticker on the headstock. Are they fake or does anyone knows anything about this? I don´t wanna spend 1k+ $ on a fake...
  17. MrRhoads

    Bill Lawrence (Wildepickups) Who uses them?

    Anyone out there who use Bill Lawrence pickups? The real ones, Wildepickups? I´ve been using the Keystones in my Strat for a while and just got my L200SN, L200SM & L298SL along with a Q-filter yesterday :)
  18. MrRhoads

    Right hand technique

    Hi, Discovered today while plucking a C#m and a Bsus2 that if i pluck some strings harder than the other they would form a melody that would stand out of the plucking and the lower volume notes would still act as plucking/rythm plus having a melody :) Neat little thing i thought i´d share...
  19. MrRhoads

    Neck pickup for clean Metal? Suggestions please

    Hello folks. What do you recommend for thoose wonderfull clean tones one can hear in metal some metal songs such as; Diary of a madman Nothing else mathers & other Metallica Gamma Ray Twisted Sister - The price and other 80s metal with nice clean tones. Looking for a neck pickup...
  20. MrRhoads

    Lactose intolerance medicin, who´s tried (USA Citisen´s)

    Hello Since this product was invented in USA i was wondering if any Lactoseintolernat members has tried it and what the result was. - Clinical trials show Digestive Advantage® helps defend against occasional digestive symptoms I´m thinking of trying it. Take care

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