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  1. rafke182

    That one and last time i saw Peter Green play live

    It was 2009 and i knew peter green was playing here in Belgium, 2 hours away from our place so i and my girl went to see him and stayed that weekend at a bed and breakfast. Little place called Leffinge, few miles from the shore here in Belgium. At that time i was very into playing blues, les...
  2. rafke182

    Custombuckers or pots, which one first...

    Hi all I read a lot of people swapping pickups out of their guitars, cs historic equiped custombuckers and i have a question on ... POTS! The first thing i hear is "the sound aint great, im going to replace the pickups of my historic to another brand like wizz, ox4, sd, and the list goes on...
  3. rafke182

    Tuning to Eb

    Hi Y,all I have a question for you about tuning your guitar to Eb. What if your guitar is tuned to E standard and you play a blues song in Key of A, the first shape of pentatonic starts at the 5th fret of the low E. Where does the first shape on A begin when your guitar is tuned to Eb...
  4. rafke182

    From which year would you buy a gibson sg standard ?

    I have 3 sg to choose from. One sg standard from 2001 with a abr1 or one from 2005 black case nashville bridge or a 2010 white case and has been played a lot. The 2001 is used and not abused. Whats a good price anyway? What do you guys think?
  5. rafke182

    Fender robert cray mim, how good are they?

    How good or bad are the robert cray signature mim strats? Great specs for the budget if your buying new? Always played my strats with the tremelo blocked, so why not string thrue?
  6. rafke182

    Any love for the fender blues junior iv?

    Long time someone posted their love or hate on the fender blues junior. Might be nice to give some heads up on the newer model (iv). The new fsr one in surf green color with a creamback looks interesting . Here we go, ready set GO
  7. rafke182

    Whats your favourite allround acoustic?

    Hi yall Whats your favorite allround acoustic guitar? I see a lot of smaller bodies passing by nowadays. So tell me if you had to buy one, what would your nr one be? Gibson j45, martin d28,d15, 00 or om or 000 models...
  8. rafke182

    New model Fender stratocaster original 60s usa model

    How good are they, looking for a new strat. I regret selling my custom shop 60s relic. Great guitar only i dont know if i would pay that kind of money for a strat. Features on the new original 60s looks great. Same 9.5 radius, thicker neck shape, nitro... nice pups... Anyone played one?
  9. rafke182

    One acoustic gibson, which one should you?

    If you could only have one acoustic gibson do it all, which one should you chose. I am thinking of a j45 or a advanced jumbo for covering most rock typ songs and some blues. A jumbo is too much body. Love strumming and lead, Less fingerpicking. Wish me luck on my quest
  10. rafke182

    How is the 2525c hanging on after a couple of years?

    hi there yall. I,m looking for a little combo and gassing for a 2525c. I play a sg custom for blues an rock think clutch, aerosmith, acdc,bonamassa, list goes on. How reliable is the 2525c? Thanks guys
  11. rafke182

    What year is my gibson sg custom?

    No idea what year she is so i post here the number 002421. Comes with the newer black booklet.
  12. rafke182

    Bought amp on 120v, living in europe

    Just bought an amp (fender princeton reverb ri) that runs on 120v (american market) that comes with a transformator that sets 230v to 120v. Is this a good or a bad thing for tone or so? Is it possible to swap the inner PT to a 230v one or should i just go with the transformator that comes...
  13. rafke182

    Gibson sg small scratchplates

    Don't know where to post this, anyone know where to find a small white (wbw)sratchplate for a sg i europe? Most i find are the big scratchplates or the small black... Thanks guys :thumb:
  14. rafke182

    Joe Perry Boneyard questions

    Lurking around for a joe Perry boneyard and had some questions. Found one with a brown cs case and brown booklet (black paper inside) and has bone 496 serial. Could it be legit? i thought it came with a black red inside case and the old "letter" coa? When did gibson stopped producing...
  15. rafke182

    Guitar plumbers here? loctite 55 question

    Hi all Are there some colleague plombers on the forum who want to share there experiences with the traditional method vs loctite 55? I'm still going trad, who's fan of the loctite 55? Verry curious on the pro and con...:hmm:
  16. rafke182

    Who's still playing a mesa lonestar classic combo these days?

    :dude:I sure do, love the amp only the weight is a bummer. So who's still in love with the amp?
  17. rafke182

    What pickups would be great in a fender jim root tele

    Hi all, Not a super fan of the emg pups, i have them in my stock fender jim root tele (flat white) and want to change them with something else. It's a mahogany body and has a ebony fretboard like a lp custom. My current rig is a mesa boogie lonestar classic 6l6 tubes stock. Play...
  18. rafke182

    Mesa boogie lonestar classic v1 (first version)

    Hi all Offered a mesa boogie lonestar classic combo 1 x 12 (first version) in great allmost new condition for a great price. First version doesn't have a 10watt setting, only 50w and 100w. Could i be too loud or should the master have the solution. Comming from a former fender...
  19. rafke182

    Would you buy a new fender drri fsr?

    I'm looking for a new amp and had a drri fsr on my mind. Comes with a jensen p12q. Strat and tele player mostly blues and little rock. Cheers
  20. rafke182

    Tone king imperial MKII users

    Hi all, Some questions for you tone king imperial users... Read on forums that the imperial could sound a little bit thin and bright, what is your opinion? The mkII is ralletively new and most people speak of the MK 1 or the 20th anni i guess. I'm looking for a handwired...

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