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    Witnessed an accident today and I'd like to talk about it

    It was a beautiful day here in my neck of the woods. Bright and sunny, though a little cool at only 8 degrees. Anyways, my wife and I were driving down the highway, one of those old two lane country highways, going about 100 kms/h when suddenly something caught my attention in the corner of my...
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    NGD! A Studly Studio

    This was a great day for me! I've long wanted an ebony and gold Studio and this one checks all my boxes. It's a 2010. Chambered, weighs 7.3 lbs and has a 50's neck. It's in fan-freakin-tastic condition. Really don't think it was ever played much. I swapped out the circuit board and pickups...
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    My guitar inexplicably tuned itself

    Friday I was on hold with my internet provider and I picked up my no.1 after she'd been sitting on the rack for a few days. I strummed a G and did one of those "oof" when it's pretty out of tune, you know? Anyways, I just got home with some groceries. Wife said, "why don't you go play guitar or...
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    Gretschbuckers in a LP?

    Anyone ever tried Gretschbuckers in a LP? I came across this Elliot Easton G5570 set and I'm curious about them/Gretschbuckers. They're very affordable.
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    Can chambered LP's be neck heavy?

    I have the opportunity to check out a 2010 Studio for a good price. Being a 2010 it is chambered. Thing is, it's a few hours away and I don't want to bother with the drive if there's a decent chance it will be neck heavy. Many chambered Standards apparently aren't, but the Studio has a thinner...
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    Probett SG-Teor

    Wicked design! I would love to get my hands on one of these. 'Meet the SG-Teor — a Boutique Single-Cut Reimagining of an All-Time Classic'
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    Limited Edition SG "Les Paul" Custom with Maestro

    Anyone tried one of these out yet? They appear to be an L&M exclusive. Ebony board, Maestro.. looks pretty cool.
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    Quick connects out of phase no matter what?

    So I picked up a set of 490 r/t dirt cheap. Cut the quick connects off and soldered them in. But no matter which lead I use, no matter how I wire them up, the middle position is always out of phase. I've never come across this before. Any advice?
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    Gibson revives legendary Maestro pedals brand with five new stompboxes
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    WTB - Gibson 61 r/t set

    Preferably covered or black bobbins. The zebras are common but I already have a set and I'm looking for a different aesthetic. I'm in Canada.
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    Pot Prices

    Potentiometer prices that is... Those of you who make and sell your own harnesses, what kinds of prices are you paying per pot? I know they vary by brand, but I'm curious what the general range is. I'd like to start selling my own harnesses and I'm having a hard time finding good (non-retail)...
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    Gold Witch Hats

    I've scoured the internet for hours and can't find (a decently priced) set of gold insert witch hats to save my friggin life. Can anybody help me with this? Any ideas? The only two sets I can find that aren't $200+ hand reliced or vintage, are Hosco brand and Kaish, both metric. I need...
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    NGD - 2020 Les Paul Custom

    I'd been wanting an ebony Custom for a very long time. Years ago I had an Edwards Custom and had always intended to replace it, but with Epiphone's new changes like the headstock, pickups, and ebony fingerboard, this new Epiphone was a no brainer for me. The store I went to had two. One new in...
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    Tried out a new 70s Deluxe

    On the weekend. Man, what a sweet, sweet guitar it was. One of the lightest LPs I've ever picked up. And the mini hums sounded fantastic. Couldn't help but get my Thin Lizzy on. I don't see much talk about them around here. Any proud owners? Anyone else tried one and loved it? Hated it?
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    Epiphone should reissue the Les Paul Deluxe

    It would be fitting since their lineup change that seeks to reproduce the same models as their Gibson brethren at more affordable prices. You've got the Epi 50s and 60s models, it's time to give us the 70s/Deluxes. That is all.
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    NGD! 2000 Les Paul Custom

    So I'd been looking for a beater to jam with and not worry about for awhile, and a shop I like a little ways from me had this. It's a 2000 Les Paul Custom, made at the Unsung plant in Korea. It has a limited edition logo on the back of the headstock. I have no idea what the finish is called...
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    What finish is this? 2000 LPC

    A store a little ways from me has this in their shop. It's a finish I've never seen before. A 2000 Custom, appears to be trans red. Anyone here know anything about it?
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    Antique Ivory Custom

    I've been looking for one of these for quite awhile and they're extremely difficult to find. Like, near impossible. Anyone know what years/how often they were released? It's been at least 10 years, no? It's my understanding they've always been a limited edition. Feel free to share pics if...
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    Pots - change volume, tone, or both?

    One of my Les Pauls recently had a set of Whole Lotta Humbuckers in it along with 500k pots all around. It seemed to suit because of the A5 mags I guess, and those pickups are a bit dark/lo-fi. I recently swapped them for a set of 57 Classics and I find the bridge position a bit too bright. The...
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    Plastics swap/historic rings question

    Years ago when I bought one of my 2013 Trads, (it was used) it came with historic pickup rings and the neck ring stuck up a little higher than the fretboard. I'm wanting to swap the plastics and hardware on my new Classic and I'm wondering if historic rings can be used on modern LPs, or will...

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