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    --sold--'xWTS:-REDUCED-" Lazarus" by Epiphone From the Joe Bonamassa Store -New- $960

    Includes all paperwork, JB strap, COA, case, ect. All as supplied and sold from JB store. Original shipping boxes. Protective Plastic covers over pick ups still in place ect. (Obviously no nicks/scratches or damage $999) plus shipping and insurance. Postal Money Order Or Bank Check.(Ships when...
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    NGD: Heritage H-150 -Dirty Lemonburst-

    Was a demo.
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    Ice Tea and Bourbon burst are so similar.

    I'm wondering if it just was the sample of 2 I seen or is this across the board? I remember 3 or so years ago the bourbon burst was different . Really wanted a standard 60 bourbon but it's now to close to My older ice tea.
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    WTS: Gibson J-45 walnut -as New- $1445

    Gibson J-45 Walnut M (Avant Garde AG) 2018 - 2019 details in link below. Bottom line Reverb is getting $130 fees that's your savings if you purchase here.. listed for $1575 there. SHIPPING insures to lower 48 +$75...
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    NGD: Gibson Accoustic...of all things

    Was at the music store tried martin/ taylor/Gibson. Liked the taylor sound best and the Gibson materials and construction best. Ordered both expecting to send the Gibson back. What a suprize to have the Gibson sound bright and lively as the taylor but with more depth and projection. Was...
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    WTS: Gibson Les Paul Traditional "Anniversary 2014"

    Wine Red. Has the Special Anniversary inlay banner in the fret. No weight relief for this model this year. No dents scratches or dings. Might be able to find light swirl mark's if you look hard. With hard case. $1400 + actual shipping and insurance.Paypal +3% or postal money order...
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    WTS: 2017 Gibson Les paul HP classic -gold top-

    2017 Gibson Les Paul Classic HP Gold Top. No scratches , dents, or dings.This guitar looks new and has only a few hours of use. Note case has some minor scuffing) Gibson Les Paul Classic 2017 HP Electric Guitar Features: Iconic Les Paul with modern features for today's guitarists Familiar...
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    NGD: My quest for Red Wine

    I have always wanted a nice wine. Wanted to stay around $1400ish. Ordered a new Gibson signature player plus. What a disappointment. Not my cup of tea. So found a 2014 Traditional with "some" nice flame in it. Kinda poor pic as it does not catch all the flame and a few smudges.
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    Les Paul Signature Player Plus 2018

    I did not have much luck with s search. Is there any reviews or opinions on this guitar on the forum? Thanks!
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    WTS: 2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard T Trans Amber

    Minty prefect. Not played much. With case and all factory supplied paperwork. $1700 Shipped to lower 48 states. No traades. Cert.check or postal money order.
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    WTS: 2017 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top Classic HP

    Perfect in every way. Does not have an hour of use. With the coffin case and all factory supplied paperwork. Knobs have been changed to reflectors and blank truss rod cover. ( original parts included, all that crome was gaudy to me) If you do not know the specs For this gutiar i can send...
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    Recent pick up. 2017 Gold Top HP.

    A SW demo. Classic HP. Discounter for some scuffs , that rubbed out nicely with some 3m Finesse . $1700 (pic is unaltered ) need a revised pic..... Had to dump some of the bling crome.(just over the top in my opnion) Still torn if I should remove the crome pickup ring covers. And yes I...
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    Wts: Gibson Les Paul Standard Trans amber 2016

    All looks new as received. All paperwork. No dents dings or scratches (film still on pick guard) . Only slight use as more of a collector item. Tuner buttons were changed to keystone style (Gibson parts)$1850 plus actual shipping and insurance. I purchased new from SW last year for $2500
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    FS: Epiphone les Paul custom KOA with case $600

    New, has about 1/2 hr of use.appears to be 1 piece back. Aquired a Gibson and this is moving on. Price includes new Epiphone Hard case. Plus shipping and insurance.
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    2016 Traditional Iced Tea. Arrived.-pics-

    Top has a plain spot viewed straight on But catching the light and or angle it's nice. Once piece back is nice. Overall really nice build. No flaws to speak of.
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    Life long rut learning new material.

    I enjoy playing the music I like. (Notice I did not say learning it) The worst part is today it's even easier with you tube. (There should be no excuses now). I will admit learning music does not come easy to me like some. I really need to work it to death to sound ok. My rut is I learn the...
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    2016 Traditional on way. Iced Tea. Did I do good? Pic

    New. Negotiated down to $1750 I'm a little nervous as the first picture angled is nice. The other front on pics some of the flame washes out in a patch.
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    FYI: GC closeout deal on es-175 premium $439 natural

    Regular price $999 I just got one. Nice build. Thought I share.
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    Had GAS for a new electric hollow or semi body one of each. Can't decide the k

    I order a Epiphone ES-175 Premium and a Riviera P93. It's so hard to decide on the keeper. (Cannot afford both). They are so different .sound.action ect. I lucked out and got the new 175 for less than Used @ $499 (It's the natural and reminds me of plywood ...nothing against...

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