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  1. anticarnist

    Pitchfork Destroyed Greta Van Fleet’s New Album “Each song could be written or played by any of a thousand classic rock cover bands that have standing gigs at sports bars and biker joints across America” This is the band that people love to hate. Personally, I...
  2. anticarnist

    Happy Friday - questions

    So many questions... Will replacing my glue with Titebond improve my sustain? Will someone recommend the best tuners to get Nick Jonas tone? I have a Marshall MS-2 should I get a compression pedal or overdrive first? Do you think guitar is a good fallback for a musician who thinks violin is...
  3. anticarnist

    NGD - ES 335

    As a result of an "enabling" thread on this forum I picked up a ES 335 from AMS. It's a 2017 with Classic 57 pickups, "C" shaped neck with rolled binding and a nice glossy nitro 70's walnut finish. Really enjoying this guitar and the broad range of tones it can produce. I still am amazed at...

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