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  1. NickCats

    Calculating Shipping Costs

    Thanks guys - I knew you would "deliver" - I'm all set... Nick
  2. NickCats

    Calculating Shipping Costs

    Thanks so far everyone - glad I asked ! I'll check out FedEx instead of UPS. Four of the five items are large ( seat, sissy bar, windshield, saddlebags, and highway pegs ). I'll have to find out weight / dimensions for the bags and sissy bar combined for this particular buyer.
  3. NickCats

    Calculating Shipping Costs

    I ended up trading in my old Harley for a new Harley this weekend and I am selling some of my old parts. I've never shipped anything large before so I am kind of new to the process. Someone is interested in my saddlebags and sissy bar and wants to know how much it will cost to ship to his...
  4. NickCats

    AOL si in issues

    I had to laugh at this thread. I am in IT ( have been for 20+ years ) and my primary home email account is still AOL. After some digging ( keeping in mind this is from 2016 ) there are still 20 million of us still using AOL ( compared to 130 million using gmail ). I was very surprised so many...
  5. NickCats

    Any Motorcycle Riders?

    I just picked this up last week: Sitting in the garage with zero miles waiting for the weather to warm up. Nick
  6. NickCats

    How long have you had your e-mail address?

    AOL since 1996 ( 21 years). I have also had the same cell phone number since 1994 Nick
  7. NickCats

    Allman Brothers - Jessica Tone

    Thanks everyone - this forum is the best ! Bluesky - I have a Zoom G3 which has compressor effects. Thanks Malikon - love your pick suggestion ( I've been practicing unplugged for a week now ) ! Nick
  8. NickCats

    Allman Brothers - Jessica Tone

    I am trying to learn to play "Jessica" by the Allman Brothers. I have the following equipment available: Fender Mustang Marshall Code Egnater Tweaker Any suggestions on what I should use to get as close as possible to the sound on the record ? Thanks, Nick
  9. NickCats

    How do you handle amp and effect switching?

    Awesome - I totally nailed it yesterday ! It took forever to set up the presets on the Code. I ended up not using the Zoom at all ( I did miss the tape echo on the intro a little bit but overall it sounded pretty good ). I definitely need the foot switch for the Code - switching presets using...
  10. NickCats

    How do you handle amp and effect switching?

    Rocco - the code can do everything except tape delay. I do not have the pedal board. Big John - I am trying to learn Bullet for my Valentine "Tears Don't Fall" ( my guitar teacher taught me Iron Maiden "Stranger in a Strange Land" and Ghost "Square Hammer" - never got through the solos - but I...
  11. NickCats

    How do you handle amp and effect switching?

    Let me preface this by saying I have only been playing guitar for about 4 years. I am currently trying to learn my first song from start to finish. I am running a Les Paul into a Zoom G3 into a Marshall Code 25. Between the Zoom and the Code I can dial in the effects for the song: DSL100H amp...
  12. NickCats

    How far do you live from your place of birth?

    37 miles - unfortunately I was born in the Chicago suburbs, after 2nd grade moved to Florida, after 8th grade moved to San Diego, after high school went to college in Alabama, moved back to Chicago after graduation and been stuck here ever since ( the last 23 years, half my life )
  13. NickCats

    How long does it take to fix a guitar?

    I believe this is what they replaced:
  14. NickCats

    How long does it take to fix a guitar?

    Brian, that's hilarious ( that's my guitar in the picture ) ! Funny, I posted this at 1:10 pm, they called at 1:30 pm to tell me my guitar was ready. Just picked it up - everything is as it should be. Appearantly with the Studio they have to replace the whole module. So, I guess the answer...
  15. NickCats

    How long does it take to fix a guitar?

    When I got back from Texas visiting the in-laws for Christmas, I noticed that my Les Paul Studio no longer produced sound with the selector switch in the bridge position. Since the guitar is still under warranty I decided to bring it back to Guitar Center to get it fixed. I brought it in on 1/2...
  16. NickCats

    Rocksmith 2014!

    Thanks Bill ! Spent some time in riff repeater and was able to get past Couldn't Stand The Weather on MSA with a gold pick - no strikes. Played Scuttle Buttin - struck out on MSA, but was able to get past ESA with a gold pick - no strikes. What a great pack ! They really nailed the tones...
  17. NickCats

    Rocksmith 2014!

    Wow - I have been playing guitar & Rocksmith now for 3 years and I thought I was getting pretty good - this pack confirms how much I suck :( Cold Shot - definitely the easiest song in the pack - made it through MSA with a gold pick - no strikes Couldn't Stand The Weather - made it through MSA...
  18. NickCats

    Ginger Baker Beats Burglars Senseless. Sodomizes 1 with Walking Stick

    Kent, England - Ginger Baker the legendary drummer of ‘Cream’ arrived home to surprise two burglars ransacking his home in Kent England. The 2 men identified later by Police are Nigel Fawlty 32, and Basil Thatcher 27. Baker age 76, long known for his vicious temper and surly...
  19. NickCats

    First LP or CD?

    First albums were Ozzy Osborne Blizzard of Ozz (1980) and Diary of a Madman (1981 ) - I was 10 years old. I used to play them on my Mickey Mouse record player. I started having horrible nightmares from the album covers so my friend and I buried the albums in the woods one day.
  20. NickCats

    Where to go / what to see in Nashville

    Thanks for the suggestions ! I see a bunch of hotels around $180 a night, any you guys recommend: The Capital Hotel Hyatt Place Fairfield Inn & Suites Aloft West End Nick

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