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  1. jkinnison90

    To the people with Elitists Custom

    For the people that own the Elitist Custom guitars, can you guys post different angles of the headstock? I'd like to see what it looks like from different angles with the mother of pearl headstock inlays. (at least I think I remember diceman saying that Elitists have MoP headstock inlays) I...
  2. jkinnison90

    My Epiphone Les Paul.

    I finally have new pictures of my Epiphone after upgrading it. I'll post before (bad pictures) and the new pictures of her. First of all, she is a 2003 from the Daweon (sp?) Plant. I bought her used on eBay for $400 and have put ~$250-300 into her I would say. The bridge pickup is in backwards I...
  3. jkinnison90

    Putting binding on a guitar?

    Hello, I'm wondering if you can put binding on a guitar that is already made. I know you can buy binding from StewMac. But how hard would it be to put binding on say a Studio? If you even can that is.
  4. jkinnison90

    Replacement Knobs

    Hello, before I think about buying these, can someone tell me if these will fit on an Epiphone Les Paul? Here's two of the same ones from the same web site. Set of Four- SG, ES-355 Gold Top Gold Bell Knobs 4 Vintage "Gibson-Style" SG, ES-345 Chrome Topped Gold Bell Knobs Thanks in advance...
  5. jkinnison90

    Epiphone Elitist

    Hello, I've been looking at a bunch of different Epiphones lately. I've became interested in the Elitist models, but there isn't any shops near me that carries them. So, I'm asking you guys if you know of any places that sells the Elitist model in Honey burst? I've tried places like...
  6. jkinnison90

    Which should I get?

    I already own an Epiphone Les Paul, but I was thinking about getting another one but in Honey Burst. But, I think I should get a different amp instead. I currently have a Line 6 Spider III 75W. I was thinking about trying to get a tube amp for around the same price as a new Epiphone Les Paul...
  7. jkinnison90

    What kind of custom is this?

    Hello, I'm wondering what kind of Les Paul custom this is? I think it's an Epiphone, but I'm not sure. I don' recall seeing any Epiphone Les Pauls like that one though. I got this picture off of a thread on the Epiphone forums Thanks in advance.

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