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  1. Nard

    I'm Going to a US style guitar show in UK on Sunday

    Where is it being held? I can’t go but if it’s a annual thing I’ll look out for it next year.
  2. Nard

    The totally subjective, opinion based, best woman singer/performer on the planet...

    Carly Simon, Kiki Dee and pretty much every female that came out of early Motown.
  3. Nard

    Still struggling....frustrated

    I wish I had some words of wisdom but I’m not in your position. Look for the positives when they occur and hopefully everything will improve. At the moment I’m struggling with repetitive strain injury in both wrists and mild arthritis in my fingers. It’s frustrating when I can’t play how I used...
  4. Nard

    Had a stroke

    Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.
  5. Nard

    Do these exist? Guitar Headphone amp with onboard mp3 player?

    aroma ag-03m Look on Amazon for this. you can play backing tracks from a micro SD card and play along with clean, crunch or distortion. It has a headphone socket and will clip onto your belt or guitar strap. It’s rechargeable and you can record on it too. It’s cheap so won’t give you brilliant...
  6. Nard

    Artists you just don’t get...

    Rush The Who. Although I rate Roger Daltrey as the greatest vocalist ever. Clapton. Never understood why people think he’s a guitar god. U2. Hollier than thou hypocrites. Springsteen. My mate went to one his gigs and hated it because he spent most of the night preaching to the audience. Dylan...
  7. Nard

    EVH dead at 65

    I was gutted when they had to pull out of the Black Sabbath tour back in the late 70s. Older friends and family all talked about Hendrix but I was just a kid when he was doing his thing and didnt get what he was about. EVH was the guitarist for my era and like Hendrix inspired so many others. R.I.P.
  8. Nard

    I don't like that Kirk Hammett owns Greenie.

    I heard somewhere that if Gary Moore hadn’t taken ownership of “Greenie” then Snowy White would have had it. If it was down to me I’d let him be It’s current owner.
  9. Nard

    Song structures

    Don’t forget the key change on the last choru.
  10. Nard

    Most underrated LP player!

    Steve Gaines. I wouldn’t say underrated, more overlooked when people talk about great players.
  11. Nard

    Your idea of a perfect guitar solo

    Gary Moore did the original solo that Brian Robertson plays. Robertson and Gorham nailed the solos on Live and Dangerous. Hadn’t heard of Tony Peluso before this. One of my favourite Solos of all time.
  12. Nard

    Feel good music, what's yours?

    The Beach Boys seem to be my go to band these days. So many feel good songs that you can’t help tapping or singing along to.
  13. Nard

    Drums and bass to jam with? With this site you pay for the track but you can download as many different versions as you wish. I have various versions of “Can’t Get Enough” for example so I can play either of the guitar harmony parts or without any of the guitars if I...
  14. Nard

    British actress Diana Rigg died

    She was the first woman (actress) I fell in love with and I was only 6-7 years old. A real beauty. R.I.P.
  15. Nard

    Rise & fall of ZIGGY...

    This is the only Bowie album I can listen to from start to finish. Can’t find fault in any of it.
  16. Nard

    What song says "Gibson" to you?

  17. Nard

    It was 46 years ago today...

    I was thinking John Fogerty :). Congrats to you and Mrs V. Just celebrated 26 years with Mrs Nard last week. Stay happy.
  18. Nard

    I need an irrelevant thread.

    The hairline has been receding for a long time but I’m starting to get very thin on the crown now. Only noticed it when I was in the supermarket and a cctv monitor showed the back of of my head from a downward angle. I thought it was somebody else till I took a closer look. I normally keep my...
  19. Nard

    jokes & funnies.

    Years ago I worked at an oil refinery shovelling and cleaning up oily shit all day. When anybody asked what we did for a living (especially women) we told them we were pipeline refurbishment engineers.
  20. Nard

    Any Lizz Fans Out There?!

    They’ve been my favourite band for years. Never get tired of hearing them or trying to learn the riffs and solos.

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