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  1. anticarnist

    NGD Telecaster

    .,, almost Lake Placid Blue, that’s what it was called on mine. Fun guitars!
  2. anticarnist

    *NGD* Champagne sparkle Gretsch!

    That is sofa king gorgeous!
  3. anticarnist

    For you buffet lovers!

    Damn, I thought this would be about Jimmy!
  4. anticarnist

    First time at an NHL game!

    “Canadian beer sucks”
  5. anticarnist

    Famous Bands, Bad Coverz

    “100% Talent, 1000% Cocaine”
  6. anticarnist

    Famous Bands, Bad Coverz

    Have you heard the cover he just did of The Doors “The End”?
  7. anticarnist

    Anyone recording or simulating amps on an ipad? Or both?

    Check out the Line 6 Sonic Port. The Mobile Pod app has plenty of amps, pedals and effects. It does work with Garage Band and has a line out as well.
  8. anticarnist

    Famous Bands, Bad Coverz

    Dancing in the street - Bowie and Jagger. Video is priceless.
  9. anticarnist

    Sorriest concert you ever saw

    I rarely criticize any show. The way I see it is that most enjoy success we can only dream of. BUT, if I would only pick one it was a New Years Eve show with My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult. Billed as the “Anti New Years” concert - at midnight they walked off stage and did a Dom Perignon...
  10. anticarnist

    My Gibson Guitars in 60 Seconds

    That’s awesome!
  11. anticarnist

    Custom Pro Pick Ups ?

    Is it the same for the neck and bridge pickups?
  12. anticarnist

    REI Presents: Everything to Lose! This ones got something for everyone.

    Comment made me spit coffee out my nose - “This makes me want to throw up in the ocean”. I don’t see what all the fuss is about. Sure REI contributes to greenhouse gasses, we all do. Would people be reacting differently if it was the Brawny Man delivering the message?
  13. anticarnist

    What's The Weirdest Music You Enjoy Listening Too?

    Music created solely by feedback loops.
  14. anticarnist

    Delay Pedal, what do you guys like?

    Catalinbread Echorec. Based in the Binson Echorec. I get lost for hours when I turn it on.
  15. anticarnist

    World's Crappiest Gin!

    Wasn’t this done with Kopi Lewak coffee?
  16. anticarnist

    Faded Fiesta Red vs Sonic Red

    There are a few threads on this topic. To my eye, the “faded” is not quite as vibrant and is known to have more of an orange hue in certain lighting. Love both colors and would likely face a challenge if asked to pick between them.
  17. anticarnist

    ES-335s and the amps that love them

    My ES335 didn’t have much of a choice as I have only one amp - DSL40. But, they seem happy together.
  18. anticarnist

    Fender selling 5 Certified Vintage Strats

    That’s pretty damn cool! I’m guessing the owner of a large football team is getting a new guitar.

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