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  1. SoonerDustin

    Sweet Strap

    My Uncle makes these awesome custom guitar straps. He made this one for my son. He's made them for Florida Georgia Line among others I don't know. The straps are high quality leather and man...this thing will last his whole life. If you are interested, his FB Page is linked HERE LOL
  2. SoonerDustin

    FS: 1997 Alvarez Regal Acoustic Autographed by George Strait, Martina McBride, Sara Evans and more

    So I'm selling this guitar so that I can fund the purchase of a Gibson LP for my son. I worked in Radio in the OKC market for 5 years and during that time I picked up all these signatures in person. My son is 16 and has the same crappy, chronic disease as Mick Mars, Anklyosing Spondilytus...

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