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  1. Slater529

    Stereo HIFI Thread

    Update: The Super 7s are re-capped and back together. And they sound incredible! No soundstage issues that I can detect. They're the kind of speakers that totally satisfy. The "I'm done" speaker as far as I'm concerned.
  2. Slater529

    Stereo HIFI Thread

    The crossover frequencies are 1000, and 6000 hz. As for the mid-freq horns - I'll have to do some critical listening once I get them up and running. My initial audition when I first brought them home was just to make sure all the drivers worked, and in that initial test I discovered one of...
  3. Slater529

    Gibson Custom, Art & Historic 58

    I bought my '97 R8 for $2700 back in April of 2020. It's not for sale, but If I were to sell it now, I wouldn't take less than $4000. It's the market. It would be foolish to sell it for less than it would cost to replace it.
  4. Slater529

    Stereo HIFI Thread

    FWIW, I've updated my gear. I recently picked up a Soundcraftsmen PE2217-R Equalizer/Preamp for $120. This eq/preamp is similar to the one I had back in the day. It's a great compliment to my MA5002 Power Amp. Also snapped up a pair of Infinity Reference Fives in need of re-foaming for $50...
  5. Slater529

    DO you have trouble bonding with a PRS ?

    I have a Paul's Guitar and and a SE Hollowbody II Piezo. Fttt, no trouble at all bonding.
  6. Slater529

    What's Your Favorite Speaker Cab

    I used to have a '69 Twin Reverb that had a pair of Altec 417B speakers in it... I don't miss the amp all that much, but damn I wish Ida kept those speakers!
  7. Slater529

    Stereo HIFI Thread

    Back in the early '80s I had a pair of 4 ohm Speaker Lab 7WA speakers hooked up to it. That MA5002 was crankin' out 500 watts per channel... The lights in my house would dim with every bass drum beat. It was life changing...
  8. Slater529

    Stereo HIFI Thread

    Thanks Who! :applause:
  9. Slater529

    Stereo HIFI Thread

    Thanks six-string... :rofl:
  10. Slater529

    Stereo HIFI Thread

    I'll probably get laughed out of this post since I don't have a turntable and I don't have records anymore. All my music on either on CD, cassette or iPod. I purchased the Soundcraftsmen MA5002 power amplifier and a matching graphic equalizer pre-amp brand new back in the mid 70's. The pre-amp...
  11. Slater529

    Where does the tone come from in an electric guitar?

    Video confirms what I've always believed. Just common sense. It's an electric guitar.
  12. Slater529

    Grounding in a Mojotone Brown Vibroverb

    There is usually a ground wire soldered from one end of the bus to a ground tab on the chassis.
  13. Slater529

    RIP Howard Dumble

    Finished my ODS clone today. Sounds amazing. Cheers Mr. Dumble. :cheers: May you rest in peace.
  14. Slater529

    RIP Howard Dumble

    Damn... I'll be finishing up my Dumble ODS clone tomorrow. When I fire it up, I will most definitely raise a glass and toast the man. RIP Mr, Dumble.
  15. Slater529

    Has anyone tried Wolfetone Pickups in their new 50’s Les Paul?

    I have the same set in my '97 R8. They are incredible.
  16. Slater529

    For a second LP, what should I look for?

    I suggest you take a look at Customs.
  17. Slater529

    Heart attack PSA

    My symptoms started 2 weeks prior. Mild chest discomfort that lasted most of the day. My wife urged me to make an appt. to see my doctor, which I did. My doctor and I discussed the symptoms and he did an EKG. Everything looked fine and based on my low cholesterol numbers, normal weight, and...
  18. Slater529

    Heart attack PSA

    My 8th will be on July 4th of this year. They are no fun people. Trust me on this...
  19. Slater529

    Is this a R8?

    That would be a 'no go' for me too.
  20. Slater529

    Is this a R8?

    Those Slash Piezo LPs had inked SN starting with "SL".

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