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  1. joebonsai

    They did it AGAIN Moonburst on the way to Taiwan!! 8 5386

    Congratulatin Mason and to myfriend Tom ENJOY!!! that's the right way to travel a guitar Sandy and the Moonburst are united again!! Have a nice Sunday everybody
  2. joebonsai

    FS: DooDad Gibson Moderne Copy Korina!!!

    For sale DooDad Standard Fashion (Gibson Moderne Copy!!) made 2014 in Indonesia not available anymore Specification: Construction: Set neck long tenon (pic 3!) Neck: Korina!! 22 frets 24,75’’ Gibson scale Body: Korina!! weight: ONLY 3,5 Kg!!!!!!!!!!!! 7,7 lbs!!!!!!!! PU: Epiphone...
  3. joebonsai

    ZZ TOP Billy AND Dust V's 69 or early 70's

    NEVER saw before I know Billy had a 58 V, can be heard on the liveside of the Fandango album ......but never saw Dusty with a V-bass, anyone more information 'bout THAT bass? ENJOY!!! :hippie:
  4. joebonsai

    Fs: Gibson Burstbucker I & II aged! reduced

    Gibson Burstbucker I & II aged! by DJ Dave Johnson Dave Johnson Restorations bought from Crazyparts BB#1 slighly underwound 20cm wire BB#2 vintage correct wound 9cm wire Alnico 2 Mag Neck 7,73 kOhm Bridge 8,27 kOhm REDUCED: 90$ shipping worldwide Happy new year!! :hippie:
  5. joebonsai

    Floy Rose FRX

    Anyone try these? :hippie:
  6. joebonsai

    Gary Moore's 58 Burst for sale

    Hope it's not been posted before enjoy!!! 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard formerly Owned by Gary Moore L K 711106183916 | eBay :hippie:
  7. joebonsai

    Fs: Gibson Burstbucker I & II aged!

    For sale a pair Burstbucker I & II black aged by DJ Dave Johnson! Dave Johnson Restorations bought from Crazyparts Germany BB#1 slightly underwound, 20cm wire BB#2 normal vintage output 9cm wire 160€ worldwide shipping BB1 BB2 :hippie:
  8. joebonsai

    FS:Pair Humbucker cover Gold

    FS:Pair Humbucker cover Gold 'natural' aged, vintage spec 49,2mm, aka 2,00 inch came from a pair Zhangbuckers 40€ pair!!! will ship intl. Pair neck bridge have a nice weekend :hippie:
  9. joebonsai

    SLASH: new record - old guitars

    It's saturday afternoon - sunny- in Germany have a nice weekend .......and enjoy!!!! nice article Slash | off to gig right now!!! Life is good to me!!!!!!!!!!!!! who's able to play 3-times a month in Düsseldorf Altstadt? ...... ME!!!!!!! and getting $ (€)for that!!:dude...
  10. joebonsai

    A new video from the Beast ..and Bernie

    starts at 8:30 ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hippie:
  11. joebonsai

    Humbuckercover gold natural aged

    FS: wunderful natural-aged humbuckercover, gold, nickel-silver vintage-space 49,2mm, came from a pair of Zhangbucker 40€ + shipping :hippie:
  12. joebonsai

    FS: Zhanbucker pair zebra EU

    Hi folks for sale an older pair of Zhanbucker zebra neck: Woodbucker 7,5kOhm A2 mags bridge: Slugbucker 8.7kOhm A5 mags very nice sounding and matching PAF style humbucker set normally you'll have to wait a LONG time to get a pair, here's your chance!!! 175€ plus shipping (woldwide) more...
  13. joebonsai

    FS: Line 6 Dt 25 Combo

    Made 2012, only played in the livingroom new 800€ my price 550€ The DT25 1x12", 25W/10W Tube Combo from Line 6 and the Tube Pope Reinhold Bogner is actually four "Boutique" amplifiers in one! full demo he high performance combination of...
  14. joebonsai

    Introducing "Doris" 9 2181 A spectacular burst!

    This is a 2 owner burst thank you CDaughtry for those excellent shots gentlemen, take your medicine!!!!! :hippie:
  15. joebonsai

    Rick Nielsen official shop

    Enjoy nice stuff :hippie:
  16. joebonsai

    Electronic Makeover Edwards E-LP-PM

    my best friend and MLP brother Charley Maul made an complete electronic makeover on my Edwards E-LP-PM (only 31 made worldwide)from stock to crazyparts CTS "TVT" 500K Short Custom Pots, correct vintage 50's wiring with crazyparts Vintage 2-Strand Braided Shield Wire, switchcraft toggle and NOS...
  17. joebonsai

    Very interesting Edwards E-LP

    just found in the bay solid top!!!!! enjoy!! ESP EDWARDS Custom Order LP Plain Top, Antiquity, All Lacquer, E-LP-130ALS based | eBay :hippie:
  18. joebonsai

    FS: Edwards E-LP-130 in Europe!!

    Made in Japan 2009 nicest top I've ever seen on an Edwards nice 59 neckshape - no baseball neck Seymour Duncan Antiquity Pickups 3,7 Kg = 8,2 Lbs!!!! aged Electric Mojo Grover Tuners aged Electric Mojo Pickup Covers NOS Wima 50's Caps Montreux Pickguard Montreux Golden Hat Knobs...
  19. joebonsai

    Need complete 59 parts???

    Uncle Lou!! check it out!! 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Parts Set Complete Amazing | eBay :hippie:
  20. joebonsai

    Richie Sambora's 59 FS video!!

    ENJOY!!!!! :hippie:

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