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  1. NickCats

    Calculating Shipping Costs

    I ended up trading in my old Harley for a new Harley this weekend and I am selling some of my old parts. I've never shipped anything large before so I am kind of new to the process. Someone is interested in my saddlebags and sissy bar and wants to know how much it will cost to ship to his...
  2. NickCats

    Allman Brothers - Jessica Tone

    I am trying to learn to play "Jessica" by the Allman Brothers. I have the following equipment available: Fender Mustang Marshall Code Egnater Tweaker Any suggestions on what I should use to get as close as possible to the sound on the record ? Thanks, Nick
  3. NickCats

    How do you handle amp and effect switching?

    Let me preface this by saying I have only been playing guitar for about 4 years. I am currently trying to learn my first song from start to finish. I am running a Les Paul into a Zoom G3 into a Marshall Code 25. Between the Zoom and the Code I can dial in the effects for the song: DSL100H amp...
  4. NickCats

    How long does it take to fix a guitar?

    When I got back from Texas visiting the in-laws for Christmas, I noticed that my Les Paul Studio no longer produced sound with the selector switch in the bridge position. Since the guitar is still under warranty I decided to bring it back to Guitar Center to get it fixed. I brought it in on 1/2...
  5. NickCats

    Ginger Baker Beats Burglars Senseless. Sodomizes 1 with Walking Stick

    Kent, England - Ginger Baker the legendary drummer of ‘Cream’ arrived home to surprise two burglars ransacking his home in Kent England. The 2 men identified later by Police are Nigel Fawlty 32, and Basil Thatcher 27. Baker age 76, long known for his vicious temper and surly...
  6. NickCats

    Where to go / what to see in Nashville

    I'm driving down from Chicago to Alabama this weekend for a football game. On my way home Sunday I was going to stop by and visit a friend in Huntsville but he is out of town for work. Instead of driving straight home Sunday I'm thinking of stopping in Nashville Sunday night. Any suggestion...
  7. NickCats

    How much did it cost you to finally find your sound ?

    Apparently in my case around $4k I started playing 3 years ago. During that time I bought: PRS SE Tremonti $559.00 Fender Telecaster $499.00 Fender Stratocaster $599.00 Epiphone LP Plus Top Pro $549.00 Ibanez GD10 $149.00 Egnater Tweaker...
  8. NickCats

    Adjusting guitars

    I currently have 5 guitars. I have noticed that whenever I pick one up that I haven't played in awhile, the strings always need to be loosened to be brought back in tune. I would think that the strings would loosen up after sitting for awhile and need to be tightened, but it is always the...
  9. NickCats

    Artifact ( documentary )

    Have any of you seen the documentary "Artifact" on Netflix ? It chronicles the recording of 30 Seconds to Mar's album "This is War" while they are involved in a $30 million dollar lawsuit with EMI over a breach of contract dispute. It goes into great detail about the music industry and how...
  10. NickCats

    What kind of strings are these ?

    I picked up a 2016 Les Paul Studio Faded a couple of weeks ago - I really love this guitar and the strings it came with: Gibson 2016 Les Paul Studio Faded Series T Electric Guitar | Guitar Center How do I find out what kind of strings they are ? I started playing three years ago and have been...
  11. NickCats

    What's the optimum practice time ?

    I play an hour a night ( more on weekends ). Lately I have been working on three songs and I spend 20 minutes on each. Would I be better off only working on one song for an hour a night or 2 for 30 ? Thanks, Nick
  12. NickCats

    Are You Learning to Play Songs or Learning to Play Guitar?

    I thought this was a good article and I wanted to share it with the forum. Are You Learning to Play Songs or Learning to Play Guitar? | Guitar World This month will mark three years since I first picked up a guitar. I have come a long way since then but I am still hesitant to tell people I...
  13. NickCats

    Please talk me in to or out of another next guitar

    I was in Guitar Center a couple weekends ago and I found a guitar I really like: Gibson 2016 Les Paul Studio Faded Series Electric Guitar | Guitar Center I have been playing guitar for about three years now. I currently have four guitars, and Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro, a PRS...
  14. NickCats

    Playing faster

    I have been playing guitar for about three years now and the biggest obstacle I am currently facing is being able to play songs up to speed. Right now I am working on a song by The Cribs ( Johnny Marrs on guitar ) called “We share the same skies”. I use a program that allows me to slow the tab...
  15. NickCats


    I have been playing guitar for about three years now and I wanted to start working on arpeggios. For the last week I have been playing “Everybody hurts” by REM ( not because I love the song but because it seems like an easy song to practice ) which is a pretty simple D / G / Em / A progression...
  16. NickCats

    I’m so bummed I can’t play guitar for a while

    I played for 4 hours on Sunday and woke up Monday with a pain in my wrist. I thought I slept on it funny but it’s not going away. This May will be 3 years that I have been playing guitar. I play for about an hour every night and practice 3 times a week for about 90 minutes during the day...
  17. NickCats

    NGD - PRS Tremonti SE

    PRS Tremonti SE showed up on Sweetwater again Friday for $348 and I had to take the plunge. Ordered it Friday afternoon and it was here Saturday by noon ! Waited 6 hours to open the box ( it's cold here in Chicago ) and played a couple of hours last night. Very nice guitar. Fat neck, wonderful...
  18. NickCats

    Compelling Case for the Murder of Curt Cobain on Netflix

    I ended up watching this documentary this weekend - very interesting ! "The film details the events leading up to the death of Kurt Cobain, as seen through the perspective of Tom Grant, the private detective who was hired by Courtney Love to find Cobain, her husband, shortly before his death...
  19. NickCats

    Found a great practice amp this weekend

    I have been looking for a small, simple practice amp for awhile and Guitar Center had a sale this weekend on a Roland Cube 10W marked down from $119 to $69 so I decided to pick one up. I am so happy with this amp ! It is exactly what I was looking for and it has great sound for such a small...
  20. NickCats

    How do you hook up a Zoom G3 ?

    I picked up a Zoom G3 multi effect pedal and amp simulator yesterday. I was playing around with it last night and so far I am impressed. The pedal emulations sound really nice on my Egnater amp, but the amp simulations sound pretty bad. The setup instructions are not very clear, and I have never...

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