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  1. slaptap

    *Price Drop* FS - Gibson Memphis '64 ES-345 2016 Historic Burst VOS

    Please see Reverb post for pics, specs etc - Link to Reverb Listing I can sell direct here on the forums for $4500 shipped. I'm happy to answer any questions anyone has as well. Cheers :cheers2:
  2. slaptap

    Best/Favorite Pat# Reproductions

    Looking to get a set of Pat# repros that would be suited to my 1964 ES345 reissue. It seems to be a very specific era of pickup that not many manufacturers focus on. The only two I have found so far are Brandonwound and the richer tastes of Throbak and Rewind but curious to hear any other...
  3. slaptap

    P90 screw broke off in vintage to extract??

    Title of thread self explanatory. Rusty old screw.
  4. slaptap

    FS - Williams Guitars USA 58 Korina Flying V $2400 OBO

    Hi, this is a custom build I had commissioned by Williams Guitars USA out of Glendale CA. He seems to be mostly known for his Korina Vs. Specs include- 2pc Korina Body 1pc Korina quartersawn neck Indian Rosewood fretboard Arcane Inc/Echopark 58V Amos pickups, non-wax potted, distressed gold...
  5. slaptap

    Vintage 1956 Les Paul Special...well loved

    I bought this sometime last year. It was my first vintage guitar buy and required a lot of TLC. I did my best to clean decades of grime from the finish and hardware, and the bridge pickup was so corroded it had to be rewound by Fralin (amazing work). There is one non original potentiometer, two...
  6. slaptap

    Help Dating ES345/ES355 Wiring Harness

    Hey y'all, I have a potential lead on an old Gibson wiring harness from a varitone guitar, either an ES345 or 355, but I need some help dating it so I know what I'm working with. Appreciate any help in advance, cheers.
  7. slaptap

    How to bring shine to VOS "raw" hardware?

    I have an R8 and a 345 and both came with the VOS treatment which means all the nickel and gold hardware were left un-buffed and "raw." I'd like to bring a little bit of shine back to the metal parts, particularly the pickup covers. Between polishing compounds and cloths, and the dangers of...
  8. slaptap

    Neck pickup stronger than Bridge...should I swap them?

    In my R8, the neck pickup measures stronger than the bridge pickup, 7.88k to 7.09k. Tonewise, the bridge pickup is a bit bright but I don't mind the tone necessarily, even if I do prefer my ES345. Swapping them would theoretically make the guitar sound more balanced, no?
  9. slaptap

    Help me identify an Aria Pro II Les Paul

    Ok, I have no pictures of this guitar but I want to make sure I know what I'm getting into in case I decide to buy it. The guitar appears to be the same model as this one, but with a dark sunburst finish. Vintage Aria Pro II LC 500 Wine Red Very RARE Les Paul | eBay The guitar is a Les Paul...

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