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  1. Slater529

    Edit - Reverb Sites going away as of April 30, 2021

    Just got the email. Reverb is shutting down.
  2. Slater529

    Incoming! Caution: PRS content

    Ordered my first PRS yesterday... a 2020 Core series Paul's Guitar. I had a heck of a time finding one of this model with what I consider to be a subtle top. Nearly every one I looked at on-line had crazy flames and garish looking colors. Here are a couple dealer photos... Can't wait to get...
  3. Slater529

    New Trinity 18 Watt build

    Finished up my Trinity 18 Watt Plexi MK II this afternoon. I ordered it with Trinity's VRM (Voltage Regulation Module) which allows the user to lower the B+ voltage. With the control all the way down the amp puts out 5 or 6 watts... all the way up it's a full 18 watts. In my opinion, It doesn't...
  4. Slater529

    SOLD: VIP Lover Pickups

    Selling a couple sets of pickups I tried out in my R8. These are both GREAT sounding pickups, but in the end I liked the Monty's PAFs the best in my guitar. Bare Knuckle 'The Mule' set: SOLD VIP 'Lovers' Set: Standard Spacing Braided 2-conductor Long Leg Unpotted No covers Leads: Bridge -...
  5. Slater529

    '69 Super Reverb project... What would you do?

    I recently got a pretty good deal on a '69 Super Reverb, but it has a few issues. It's got a (1971) 013897 output transformer and the speakers are a quad of 1970 Jensen C10N 16 ohm. The OT has a center tap, and it's wired for 4 ohm output, so it matches the 4 ohm load of the C10Ns. The rest of...
  6. Slater529

    Found: VIP Lover pickup set and/or Monty's PAF set

    Looking for Vintage Inspired Pickups Lover set and/or Monty's PAF set. Prefer a set with nickel covers, but will also consider uncovered. Thanks! Bill
  7. Slater529

    Portrait of my '65

    Dragged out the studio lights today because I'm shooting the church directory this weekend and I need to practice a bit beforehand... I couldn't think of a better subject than my '65 SG to practice on!
  8. Slater529

    FS: 2001 Gibson '57 Classics

    Set of '57 Classics pulled from a 2001 ES-135. Chrome covers, 15" of lead wire on each. Resistance readings are 7.86K and 7.87K. Price is $135 PP'd and shipped USPS Priority Mail to lower 48. Not interested in trades.
  9. Slater529

    '82 Custom on local CL - is $3K a fair price?

    I'm sorta kinda interested in this '82 Custom advertised in the local CL... Here's the ad: Any opinions on this one? Asking price is $3K, and I think it's on consignment at Music 6000 in Olympia. I'd...
  10. Slater529

    My uncle gave me his '65 SG (long story, lots of photos!)

    That's right, a '65 SG. He bought it new in 1966, along with a '66 Harmony H415 amp, from a music store in Hamilton, OH. They were having a 'fire sale', and it had suffered minor damage from the fire... the inlays were lifting in a few places. Other than that, it was in new condition when he...
  11. Slater529

    My '74 ES-335TD

    My latest acquisition, a '74 ES-335TD. Modded by the original owner with Grovers, stop bar conversion, speed knobs, Bill Lawrence L-100 pickups, coil-split toggles and an out-of-phase toggle for the bridge pickup. First thing I did was get a fret job... the originals had been dressed down to...
  12. Slater529

    Wanted: Gibson Dog-Ear P90 and L.P. Junior Wiring Harness

    Long shot, but I'm guessing a few of you may have upgraded your stock P-90 Junior with a boutique P-90 and/or wiring harness. Don't let those parts sit around and collect dust... Sell them to me! I need 'em for a project. :cheers:
  13. Slater529

    Please help identifying pickups

    So today I got myself a '74 ES-335TD that has seen a few mods over the years. I suspect the pickups were replaced back in the '70s or '80s with what may be DiMarzios, but I'm hoping someone on the forum can help me ID them... Resistance readings are 12.52K bridge, 12.46K neck. No...
  14. Slater529

    Frank Robinson, dead at 83

    RIP Robby.
  15. Slater529

    Incoming: '85 Les Paul Reissue

    I just bought a 1985 Les Paul Reissue (Prehistoric) described as near mint, except for tarnished hardware and a small superficial scratch on the back. All original parts and OHSC... $3250. Did I pay too much, or did I do okay? Hopefully it should arrive around the end of next week. Here's a...
  16. Slater529

    New Bicycle Day!

    Took delivery of my new bike today! Trek Emonda SLR7 Disc with Ultegra Di2. The wheels were upgraded to Aeolus 3 Carbon Fiber Tubeless. Took it out for a 20 mile shakedown ride this afternoon. Climbs like a maniac! 17.0 pounds as pictured...
  17. Slater529

    Bored... Nothing to do.

    My kids used to say that. Today I feel the same way. This is the 2nd day in a row that the air quality is rated "Unhealthy" due to smoke from B.C and Eastern Washington wildfires. I want to be out riding my bike, but at my age I need to take care, heed the warnings and stay indoors. Sometime...
  18. Slater529

    Mountain Lion attack near North Bend, WA. One dead, one injured.

    This happened yesterday, a few miles away from where I live... Cougar attacks are pretty rare, but they DO happen. Tragic.
  19. Slater529

    Speaker repair

    I recently got a beautiful '71 Princeton Reverb with a replacement speaker installed. The original speaker was included in the deal, but it needs to be repaired. Sounds fizzy... like the voice coil is rubbing. Anyone have a recommendation for speaker repair/recone/rebuild service? Thanks!
  20. Slater529

    Pickguard for '96 LP Standard

    I recently bought a '96 Les Paul Standard that was missing the pickguard. Anyone know where I can get one? I've checked all the usual places... Mojoaxe, Creamtone, Crazyparts, Allparts, Stewmac, Philly Luthiers Supply. Apparently pre-'98 Gibson USA pickguards are slightly different from...

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