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  1. J

    Hendrix and a Les paul?? What did we miss

    had he lived ... he was definitely using Gibson stuff more toward the end of his career. Would love to have gotten to hear more. What a loss.
  2. J

    NGD 1967 Standard.

    Killer sounding guitar. Every screw original.
  3. J

    Volutes, why the hate?

    This is a argument that goes on a lot. I hear people say that the volute is a deal breaker for them. I don't understand how it's a problem. You never have your hand around it playing. How does it negatively affect the playability or sound of a les paul? Someone enlighten me please.
  4. J

    Toy Caldwell burst( marshall tucker)

    Anybody know about this guitar?? Grew up listening to it.
  5. J

    Music ground

    These guys beat anything I have ever seen. Have you guys see the thread on the 60 burst they have on the other forum? The things these bastards try to pull off really chaps my ass. Had they ever heard of the ))&&&&)) Internet??? Mind blown. If someone can paste the thread do so.
  6. J

    My completed basketweave stack.

    73 superbass A cab is a 72 b is a 71. Both re clothed the bottom w old original material. PURL=][/URL]
  7. J

    New pickups 70 custom.

    Just put some ox4s in my old baby a week or so ago. Having givin them time to settle in I have to say I am impressed. The guitar had the original ttops that I really liked. When I received the ox4s I seriously thought well this will last a few hours then the ttops will go back in. Not the case...
  8. J

    Wtb 500k pot for 70 les paul bb.

    Guys I have a guitar that is all there minus bridge volume pot. Can someone help me out please.
  9. J

    74 les paul custom red wine

    Ok guys here is a cherry of a guitar. It's a 74. Wine red. Great checking and patina. Had a headstock crack repaired in the late 70s. Very stable. All original except keys and neck p.u which are gotohs that have correct looking buttons ,neck pickup. It is a 490 w a short a5 mag and paf gold...
  10. J

    Matched set of ttops from 69

    These are great pick ups. Just found something a little more suitable for me. They have original covers and full length leads. Measure 7.69 and 7.54. They were gold. Gold is not visible though. Completely worn away. They have wood spacers and the L marks on the feet. . $500.00 obo. 859 358...
  11. J

    Collectors choice???

    Maybe I'm wrong here but aren't all these the same guitars w different finishes? This is an honest question. If they are meant to be collectable why are they making so many?? I am a actually lookin for some kind of burst copy but I don't understand why they cost more than the regular reissue...
  12. J

    Paul Francis Kossoff

    Thru fellow member Solo Dallas I was turned on to Paul Kossoff a few years back. I can't state enough in a million words the effect his playing has had on me. Also I guess he was one of the earliest collectors of these fine guitars. I have tried to make everyone I know listen to him play. Some...
  13. J

    So where are they comin from???????

    I have read many threads across the 2 forums the last 6 months about questionable burst. Not going to name any because I'm not talking about any particular guitar. But being a person who has seen this in the pre war Gibson banjo world go on and on the same guys doin it over and over and nobody...
  14. J

    Rough cast magnets

    Ok I bought a 70 lpc and to make a long story shrt thought the pick ups were weak. So I ordered a couple mags from stew mac they seem smooth cast. But it did improve the pick ups greatly they sound good now. Who is a supplier of more accurate rough cast mags?? Also would it be worth it to have...
  15. J

    Black m69

    Hope this is the right place. I'm looking for a tall version bridge ring. Who sells one reasonable priced.
  16. J

    Pup cover material.

    Have a couple ttop pickup covers that I know are original. On the inside it looks like they scraped a spot to solder to and it shows a light copper color. Is this nickel silver?? Lighter than a new penny. But I thought nickel silver would look like a nickel. Am I wrong? The one thing I do know...
  17. J

    Ttop magnet orientation.

    How where they in there. South side facing slugs or pole pieces or both ways???
  18. J

    Refret on the 70 bb custom.

    Couldn't handle the fret no more wonderless. I pulled em all w minimal ebony chipping but decided to let my buddy put em in. I did a couple and well to nice of a guitar to screw up. Dropping off in the morning. Look forward to Playin it w real frets. He said it would take him bout a week. So...
  19. J

    Read this.

    I see norlin hate on this forum. I have had 3 r9s. 53/58 conversion. All were great guitars. The convo had real pick ups. The les paul customs from 68 to 74/5 are the next best thing to a burst. Pancake volute 3 piece neck change tone. But in a different way not a worst way. I've had 10 early...
  20. J

    Weak t top magnet

    Hey guys I have posted a few topics about a couple guitars I recently acquired. One is a 70 71 black custom. I have a 74 red wine custom as well and I noticed that it just stomped the bb. So I'm thinking why. The bb has the bb caps 500k pots while the 74 has 300s and no bb caps. The 74 had way...

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