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  1. sonar1

    2022 Desert Star Apache #DSA003 review and pics:

    Date of manufacture: March 5, 2022. Reviewed March 29, 2022 by Steve Yetter (AKA sonar1) Features: Midnight Black Pearl “foxtail” hand-rubbed nitrocellulose lacquer finish. Guitar weight is 6.75 lbs. One-piece Honduran mahogany, hand selected for lightness. Honduran mahogany neck. Indian...
  2. sonar1

    NGD Desert Star!

    Arrived today: In tune, even! Great neck frets & board. It snarls, it growls, it crawls on its belly like a reptile! I’m honored to own a wicked pissah piece of playable art! I can tell my other guitars are shakin‘ in their cases!
  3. sonar1

    Chri$tma$ Tree$ Thi$ Year

  4. sonar1


    To the generation that fought back :cheers:
  5. sonar1

    NGD - SG!

    Standard, w 490’s and rounded neck profile. Really works for me! #1 already
  6. sonar1

    The prodigal returns (Tele content)

    NGD 2021 Am Pro II Because sometimes ya feel like a nut: sometimes ya don’t
  7. sonar1

    NGD: 2021 LP Tribute w maple neck

    And a fat neck it is! Went to the toy store in Chico (GC). Wasn’t intending to buy a guitar (well, maybe a cheap Ibanez or something). I saw two Tributes hanging high with maple necks (I love them on my slab tributes, like Specials), AND they looked fat (my favorite). The other was tobacco...
  8. sonar1

    My ankle is killing me!

    Didn’t DO anything yesterday, but woke up this morning with a sore ankle. Weird. Unusual. Now 12 hours later it’s REALLY hurting! Took Tylenol and Advil throughout the day, with food. No visual clues. Just hurts like a mofo! What gives? Walking is outa the question. Cane hobbling to the...
  9. sonar1

    Cupcake crossed the rainbow bridge

    I hate that sometimes doing the right thing is painful and involves loss. Self-pity is one of my most sincere emotions, so naturally it tore me up to put her down today after a couple days of tanking heart failure. She went to sleep peacefully at the vets, with my daughter and I commiserating...
  10. sonar1

    Camp guitar

    Acoustic guitars are too hard on my geezerly old claws. Battery powered Yamaha amp allows me to take along something with power steering. My Junior has a maple neck!
  11. sonar1


  12. sonar1

    NGD: 2021 LP Junior

    Fat neck; good sounding P-90; Sweetwater demo discount; couldn’t pass it up. This one will get ‘50’s wiring mod (one solder connection). Since the new solder is so hard, I’ll use a blowtorch. Free relic at same time.
  13. sonar1

    NGD w spoon!

    Gotta have a jazzer around, just for my image! :headbanger:
  14. sonar1

    Slashed again!

    Call me crazy, but after simply hefting my 2020 November Burst off the rack it went home with me (fabulous neck too). Quickly it became my #1, and sent my 2012 R9 packing. Then I left most everything else behind as I moved from Santa Cruz, to Redding. Tried a PRS, and a couple other Les Pauls...
  15. sonar1

    Road test: SD ALNICO PRO II Slash pickups vs Gibson Slash custom Burstbuckers

    So taken captive by my 2020 Gibson USA Slash Standard’s fat gronkin’ midrange, I miss it when it’s not there. There was nothing at all wrong with my 2019 Standard ‘50’s cherryburst UNTIL I A/B’d with the Slash. I mean, I happen to LIKE Burstbucker 1&2’s a lot! But the bridge didn’t have the...
  16. sonar1

    Anybody else thinking Gibson is back?

    The stuff they’re making now all seems stellar to me. I remember the fifties/sixties CMI era. Ted McCarty et al. Had a ‘61 J-45 that was a cannon, and beautiful. My teacher had a fifties L-7C, and an L-4! MARVELOUS! I couldn’t be happier with my just regular production stuff from 2019 & 2020:
  17. sonar1

    Slash vs Standard

    Started the day intending to pull the covers off my 2019 Standard ‘50’s, to see if I could get it closer in sound to my 2020 Slash, which has THE sound I want, always. Once that task was completed and a new set of strings installed, spent a 1/2 hour or so twiddling and dialing in. The verdict...
  18. sonar1

    NGD L-00 Acoustic Gibson

  19. sonar1


    Ready for a Desert Star addition
  20. sonar1

    My Trad ProV woke!

    My GC Trad Pro-V has the little dip switches in the control cavity. With these one can switch out coil tap for coil split, reassign high filters and “transient response,” etc. One by one I turned on all five while playing and hearing. Woke the guitar up pretty nicely, and turned it into the...

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