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  1. cousingrandpa

    Faron Collins pickups

    I'll be checking them out as soon as I install them for my buddy. I am just looking to see if anyone has any knowledge or experience with them.
  2. cousingrandpa

    Faron Collins pickups

    Hello? Where are all the pickup guys who know everyone making pickups?
  3. cousingrandpa

    Faron Collins pickups

    One of my friends just got 2 sets of Faron Collins pickups for $82.96 per set, they advertise as hand wound USA made. Does anyone know anything about them? They look decent & I haven't installed them in anything for him yet, they will be going in a couple Firefly 335s. I'm just looking to know...
  4. cousingrandpa

    pickup opinion

    That price is for 1 pickup, the set is $258.
  5. cousingrandpa

    R8 neck thickness through the years?

    My 08 R8 has one of the fattest necks I have played on a reissue & my 07 R9 is near identical.
  6. cousingrandpa

    Best Pedalboard Power Supplies

    This is from their front page for the power supply 16 outlets configured in 12 isolated sections Two toroidal transformers with additional electromagnetic field shielding 4 powerful DC sections, three with 400mA each and one with 600mA 2 powerful AC sections with 800mA each and voltages 9, 12...
  7. cousingrandpa

    Best Pedalboard Power Supplies

    The best power supply & what I have on my board. CIOKOLATE – CIOKS
  8. cousingrandpa

    Tone Test! Suhr Pro S1 Marshall JCM 800 vs Fender Princeton + Suhr Riot (Landau I'm Buzzed)

    I'm kinda partial to the Riot & Fender as that's what I use for my main drive sound.
  9. cousingrandpa

    How Do You Insure Your Guitar Collection?

    Home - Anderson Group ( I use Anderson, they cover any collection from a single guitar & amp to full orchestras & they cover gigging instruments.
  10. cousingrandpa

    Favorite Distortion?

    Suhr Riot Reloaded, thick fat tone for days.
  11. cousingrandpa

    What pickups are in your Les Pauls ?

    Look in my sig below.
  12. cousingrandpa

    Muddy and Dark P90s

    Check your volume pots values, if they are 300k change them to 500k & that will open them up.
  13. cousingrandpa

    Tim Shaw or T-Tops?

    I have a very early Shaw, it has all the right parts they were using for the Shaw design but it has T-top bobbins. The early ones used leftover T-top bobbins. It's a transitional Shaw pickup.
  14. cousingrandpa

    Mismatched top on Gibson RMA LP

    My R9 has a mismatched top but it's still a beautiful guitar & the way it plays there is no way I would ever get rid of it. The top has my favorite type of flame & the mismatch never bothers me. If the guitar is a good one the top is secondary.
  15. cousingrandpa

    SG pickup too low on volume

    You could just need some DeoxIT D5 so you can do a little contact cleaning. The non solder contacts can get oxidation which needs to be cleaned. If you unplugged then replugged your pickups to the circuit & it started working properly it could be something this simple. It's the same with pedal...
  16. cousingrandpa

    Right Angle Plugs - Does anything last?

    I have been using the same 3 PRS cables for around 20 years, I use them at home & for gigging. 2 of the cables have a straight & an angled end & I have never had a problem with any of them. The angled ends are Van Damme (I think they might be manufactured by Nuetrik) & the straight ends are Nuetrik.
  17. cousingrandpa

    Do you play along with songs?

    I use my laptop into a JBL 40 watt Bluetooth speaker, more than loud enough to play along with.
  18. cousingrandpa

    New 1958 incoming, help with appearance

    Double cream If it were mine.
  19. cousingrandpa

    Question about my T Top pickup.

    Hey guys, a few years ago one of my friends bought a lot of 10-12 guitars of Craigslist. He gave me an Aria SG. It had a cracked body so I took it apart to repair it & found both pickups were non original. The one in the neck ended up being a transitional Shaw which is really cool, it sounds...

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