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    Lovin’ brass saddles

    Recently I changed the Schaller Nashville saddles to bell brass ones from ABM. Although Schaller says their saddles are brass, they are not, or at least it’s some kind of alloy and sure not proper brass. This can be verified by seeing that under the plating what appears is a gray color and not...

    Proper bridge break angle for sound?

    After trying top wrapping for a couple of years I've came back to straight through. I was looking for that more harmonic content theory and I'm not sure if I ever noticed a thing, but as I don't trust my ears too much, I kept it. With the last string change I decided to go back to normal...

    Double whites crush

    Thinking of spending stupid money on another pair of Fralins, same but in double white, just for the looks. Please talk me out of it

    My PUP height screws move by themselves

    And I know that cause I always place them angled at 45°. Dont know if its a mechanical problem, my strumming or the goblins that inhabit my house. Does anybody else experience the same?

    Marshall DSL40CR. Just perfect

    After many years using Fender and ENGL amps almost exclusively, I feel I've finally found my perfect one. Years ago I was dissapointed with a 4210 JCM 800 but now Marshall has done what I needed just right: Marshall driven sound and good cleans, portable, louder than you will need while sounding...

    90s Gibson deluxe tuners. Impossible to find them

    Does anybody know where to get Gibson/Kluson deluxe tuners just like they were in the 90s, those that were mounted on Gibson Les Pauls from that era? They had screwed bushings, but the shape was rounded, like the historic ones, and also shorter. You can see the difference with the current ones...

    Mojo overdose. My battered 92

    I bring what may be some porn for all those worn-out-look lovers who inhabit these forums. It can be too hardcore for sensitive hearts, though. I introduce my 92 standard, which I acquired near mint almost 20 years ago, and which has suffered countless hours of playing, 2 refrets and my careless...

    Improving the Nashville bushings contact

    I have always thought that the Nashville system was superior from an engineering point of view compared to the ABR. Some will thought that it's ugly or that it doesn't transfer as good the vibrations. I disagree with the first point, and second, partially, the other one. The Nashville system...

    Steel/Brass saddles for nashville bridge?

    Hi. I was thinking about mounting steel saddles for the bass strings, and brass for the plain ones, on my Nashville bridge, but I can't find them nowhere on the internet, titanium and zinc only it seems Anybody knows about it?
  10. NINFNM

    50's wiring with coil splitting?

    Hi. Is it possible to combine 50's wiring and coil splitting (with tone push-pull pots)? I have my fralins with yhe split option and I wonder If I could also wire the them to 50's wiring. That extra top end sound great, but frankly I have no idea about it
  11. NINFNM

    Which les paul is this? (Dave Fortman from Ugly Kid Joe)

    Hi Does anybody knows which is the les paul from the picture? It's owned by daVe Fortman from Ugly Kid Joe, since 25 years I think. Single coil, and with that huge knob I don't know what's for
  12. NINFNM

    Neon Strings. Luminescent...?

    Dear all. Looking for something flashy for upcoming concerts I came up with this set of Neon strings: IMG_6783 by NINFNM posted Mar 31, 2018 at 12:58 PM I expected them to shine bright in the dark, but they don't... It seems that a black light is needed, and I guess that the stage lights may...
  13. NINFNM

    Too soft 90's Gibson Deluxe tuners

    Hi. Is there a way to make the turning on those harder? It is not that the guitars goes out of tune, but when lying it against the wall, for example, they turn too easy.
  14. NINFNM

    Charging/Regaussing pickups

    Dear all. Is there a way to recharge the humbucker magnets without taking them out of the guitar? Not only because of my lazyness, but also for hearing how the sound changes. I have seen some tutorial in the internet, with neodmion magnets, but always with the pickups out of the guitar
  15. NINFNM

    string spacing at the nut

    Hi experts. I believe that these days (the last 30 yrs at least) les pauls have 36mm from low to high E string, and so do the vintage ones. It's true that in the Norlin era that distance was less? down to 35 mm?

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