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  1. Duane_the_tub

    My first Gibson, so happy!!

    Gorgeous guitar. Welcome to the club!
  2. Duane_the_tub

    SOLD - FS: 2021 Gibson SG Standard 61

    Great seller here, and killer SG! GLWTS
  3. Duane_the_tub

    2016 Gibson Les Paul Traditional

    Beautiful Lester, man. Checks so many boxes. Wish I was in a spot to make this happen. GLWTS
  4. Duane_the_tub

    R7 Woes

  5. Duane_the_tub

    I need a embossed Gibson pickup cover

    Yes, it will fit. SGs and LPs in '72 both had the same T-tops in them. Just make sure it's for the bridge, as they are different.
  6. Duane_the_tub


    Deck it and top wrap it with 10s and you'll never look back.
  7. Duane_the_tub

    original PAF?

    The bad news is that those are definitely clones. The good news is that they look like Virgil Arlos, which are apparently really good (even though neither myself nor anyone I know has actually heard a pair firsthand, ever).
  8. Duane_the_tub

    As a brit I feel its time you yanks learnt some cockney rhyming slang.

    Jim Root = boot (kick) booster = rooster = cock (crotch) havin a puff = smoking = joking China = plate = mate planks = wood = good I spent almost a year on tour with a guy who talked in CRS all the time. It took months for me to even understand what he was saying, let alone decipher it.
  9. Duane_the_tub

    Show Me Your Historic Makeover

    @WayneLawKid , I know you posted yours a couple years ago but I gotta ask: what color did you specify for that makeover? It looks more golden than HM's typical dirty lemon. More like Honeyburst. Really beautiful!
  10. Duane_the_tub

    Age-old guitar mystery solved!

    No socks in there, unfortunately. Still can't quite figure out how they get out of the drum and down into there, but now I'm thinking you could amass a sweet pick collection by popping the fronts off old dryers that get tossed.
  11. Duane_the_tub

    Age-old guitar mystery solved!

    I had to remove the front panel of our dryer to replace the door catch. In addition to about 10 bucks in change, I found all these: So there you have it, folks. THAT is where all the lost picks go.
  12. Duane_the_tub

    As a brit I feel its time you yanks learnt some cockney rhyming slang.

    How 'bout I give ya a Jim Root right'na booster? Nah, I'm just havin' a puff, China. You Yanks is planks.
  13. Duane_the_tub

    FS: Faber ABRN "EZ" bridge w/posts

  14. Duane_the_tub

    Alex Lifeson Gear Auction

    The Norlin LP sold for $224,000. But... but... pancake body! Three-piece neck! Probably weighs more than nine pounds! Sheesh!
  15. Duane_the_tub

    An odd behaviour with my new 59

    Did you do the setup yourself and did you check the intonation, particularly on the G, B and high E? Those saddles look a bit far forward in the bridge, particularly the G and B. Of course every guitar is different, but that is noticeable to me and could result in a break angle that brings your...
  16. Duane_the_tub

    What is considered Vintage?

    If it's older than I am, it's vintage - I don't care what the sniffers say.
  17. Duane_the_tub

    TV/Movie Scenes. Post Your Favorites!

    No lie, I saw the title of this thread and this was the exact movie scene that immediately came to mind! You have excellent taste. Here is another good scene, from a fantastic show:
  18. Duane_the_tub

    For owners of cars with a "Range" display...

    I drove my Honda CRV a little more than 30 miles with the range on zero, on the way to see Get the Led Out in Utica, NY, a couple years ago. They have a notoriously generous reserve on both the range meter and the fuel gauge itself.
  19. Duane_the_tub

    Thinking about giving an SG another shot

    Good luck. I've gone to that well three times - twice vintage - and always end up selling them. Just something about them that doesn't work for me. So many people love them, though. Definitely a YMMV situation.

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