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  1. Progrocker111

    NGD! Near mint 1970/early 71 Les Paul Custom

    Just bought this beauty, its nearly unplayed 1970 Custom in near mint condition. All original except changed bridge (original one with nylon saddles is in the case). Still with most late 60s specs like - small diamond on headstock, holly wood veneer on headstock, fat neck profile and 5,1 cm high...
  2. Progrocker111

    1973 Gibson Les Paul Custom, all original, EU only

    Very good all original condition, no cracks or breaks, fairly lightweight too with precise 10lbs or 4.45 kg. Original case too,loud and resonant Les Paul. More photos are here at my Reverb add:
  3. Progrocker111

    New favourite LP home, 73 cherryburst Custom

    All original, very loud and heavy sounding guitar (even unplugged), with nice clear mids, big tone and singing sustain - great hardrock machine with monster sounding riffs. Has airy mids, growling bass and overall more lower mids and bass and more 3D like tone than 77 winered Custom. 77 Custom...
  4. Progrocker111

    New LP Custom, this this time 77 mint condition winered one

    Hi folks, i have had some absence here. During the time i have bought some guitars, but the best sounding one is by far the mint and stock condition winered 77 Custom i bought some days ago. Most of you here who know me a bit here know, that i prefer earlier 70s Customs. I have had many 75-83...
  5. Progrocker111

    Please check these late PAFs, if they are unaltered

    I am considering to buy an early 63 ES355 supposedly with original PAFs. As i am not a PAF expert, could you please check the photo and tell me, if they are ok? I noticed fairly big amounts of solder on them. I am not able to say for sure, if the covers were once removed or not. Many thanks for...
  6. Progrocker111

    Pickups on 1980 Custom

    Just a small question folks. :) I am considering to pull the trigger on 1980 LP Custom. Should be in all original condition, but whats is interesting to me, that the both pickups still seem to be T-Tops, one is stamped with Nov 1979 date and second one with June 1980. Guitar was finished on...
  7. Progrocker111

    NGD, a bit unexpected goodness - 2014 Les Paul Special 1960 single cut CS reissue

    One of my last acquisitions is this virtually unplayed 2014 ´60 single cut Custom Shop LP Special (made in early 2015 in fact) in rare black color. Interesting on this reissue run is, thats its marked wrongly, cause in 1960 there were no single cut Specials produced. The neck has a pre 60...
  8. Progrocker111

    NGD, this time 1983 LP Custom

    80s territory was fairly unknown to me, so i pulled trigger on this nice mid 83 LP Custom, in original condition (pickguard is in the case). The finish looks amazing, like a nice piece of furniture. The really photos dont do this justice. It has one piece mahogany neck with medium profile. Its...
  9. Progrocker111

    2018 Gibson Les Paul Custom 1957 Historic reissue for sale, in EU

    "As new" condition, only home played, bought this year in may. True Historic specs, one-piece mahogany body (earlier ones had 2-piece, with separately glued top), Custombuckers pickups and original 50s style CS case. This Les Paul is very resonant and acoustically loud, with very full...
  10. Progrocker111

    NGD - 2018 Les Paul Custom 1957 Historic

    After fairly long time, i have just bought another Historic, this time a brand new 2018 57 Custom reissue, with nearly all True historic specs (my biggest temptation was the one piece mahogany body like the original ones). Wow, this is very different sounding guitar in comparison to late 60s...
  11. Progrocker111

    Why only 200 posts in "New posts section"? Before it was 500...

    In the former version there were 500 new posts visible, nowadays only 200. Is there somewhere a possibility to change it in the settings, even for more posts on one page (20 is too few)? Thanks.
  12. Progrocker111

    NGD! Finally for the first time in late 60s area, this time near mint 1969 LP Custom

    Finally done some heresy to my beloved early 70s Norlins and most probably this is my biggest LP Custom achievement ever. I just moved into late 60s area. This was really some interesting experience, found it on some local advertising. Travelled 1000 km there and another 1000 back to buy it...
  13. Progrocker111

    Hey Gibson, what the hell is with Memphis quality control? F...d up 63 ES335 Wildwoo

    Folks, i have had really very frustrating experience with newly acquired late 2015 Gibson ES335 63 Memphis Wildwood spec limited edition. Yes, they sell this stuff, and even under "limited edition" status. So, i bought a very late 2015 Gibson ES335 1963 Memphis Wildwood specs from one of...
  14. Progrocker111

    HNGD in process, this time awaiting 73 Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop

    After one week of shipping (only approx. 1100 km distance from me - terrible shipping companies here in Europe), today will arrive another Norlin - this time early to mid 73 Les Paul Deluxe (still with 500k pots and Sprague caps, wider 69-73 headstock and block Gibson logo). After many near mint...
  15. Progrocker111

    2015 Gibson ES335 1963 Memphis Wildwood Spec limited edition, EU only

    Limited condition series, these are in fact super rare in EU, this one is with nice rich subtle flame and a bit underwound very clear and articulate sounding Custombuckers according to Wildwood specs. Nearly unplayed as new condition, with all case tags and certificate. The guitar is very...
  16. Progrocker111

    1971 Gibson Les Paul Custom, top condition, bourbon/tobaccoburst, EU only

    Serial nr. 674Xxx, pots codes 1377142, from 42th week of 1971. Still late 60s style smaller diamond on headstock. Original case is in top condition too. Weight is 4,5 kg. Nearly in „under the bed“ condition, all original even to the last screw. Fretless wonder frets are like new...
  17. Progrocker111

    EU sale - great condition 71 LP Custom

    Here well known guitar, unluckilly i must sale this one. Top condition, everything original. I accept interesting offers and can go lower with the price than the "buy it now" option on Ebay. Here are photos too:
  18. Progrocker111

    Variatons in body thickness

    Many Norlin era Customs i owned or played really varied in body thickness (differences so big like 2-3 mm - measured from both bindings edges) From my experience the earlier 70 and 71 Norlins have generally a bit thicker body than 72 and later (there still could be exceptions). Here is some...
  19. Progrocker111

    NGD - Norlin again, this time near mint 1971 Les Paul Custom

    I have finally put the trigger on this beauty. Former owner apparently kept her only at home and played her rarely. The case is still nearly like new and without smell, so the guitar wasnt used live. The guitar is all original to the last screw. Its typical early 70s Les Paul tonewise -...

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