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  1. cmjohnson

    Grover 502c roto-grip locking rotomatic tuners - 3+3

    I've been a Schaller guy since day one. Never liked Grovers, never will. Especially since twice I found new Grovers in the box that they'd never even bother to thread for the screw-in bushing in the body of the tuner. Quality control? What's that? Somebody else's job at the factory...
  2. cmjohnson

    TH Specs : what is "double carve" ?

    Regarding that gap under the pickup rings: Are the rings properly fitted to the top, or are they just screwed down hard, forcing the plastic to bend and ensuring that the rings will distort and break in a few years? I've certainly seen plenty of LPs with failing rings. Fitting rings is time...
  3. cmjohnson

    What Strat-like guitar has these specs?

    Your specs suggest to me that you're going to have to go with something customized. It's the volume knob placement that's going to dictate this. Find a guitar that checks all the other boxes and then have someone with the approprlate skills rework the wiring and control placement and body...
  4. cmjohnson

    If you were gonna run a stereo rig ...

    There's no end to the options. Whatever stereo processor you like, going into anything from a direct hookup to the PA system to feeding power amps feeding stacks of 4x12 cabinets, or whatever you can imagine and have the gear for. I split my signal with an old Alesis Midiverb into a pair of...
  5. cmjohnson

    Salvage wood CS356 “the Sage Mage”

    White oak is strong and stable and makes a good neck, but you may want to fill the open grain. The very first instrument I made was a fretless bass with a white oak neck, ebony fingerboard, and a body made of Douglas fir. Other than the fingerboard, all woods were salvaged from a pile of wood...
  6. cmjohnson

    LP Toggle switch hook up wire

    It may interest you to know that shielded 4 conductor USB 2.0 spec cable is absolutely perfect for guitar wiring. I have a big reel of it (thousand feet or more) and it's just the thing any time I'm working with pickups with extra wiring options, and I take this cable apart and use the...
  7. cmjohnson

    Funny how strings can make a overall difference.

    I've used D'Addarios for over 30 years. I tried EBs that someone gave me, and could not wait to wear them out so I could get back to my D'Addarios. I just didn't like the EBs. The feel and tone were off. Not bad...but not what I was used to and what I like better.
  8. cmjohnson

    Cnc feed and speeds for MOP?

    Crank the spindle up to 24K if you can. Here, this site will give you the info you want.
  9. cmjohnson

    1960 Gibson Les Paul Found In Closet

    I'm sure there are more undiscovered 'bursts still hiding in closets, attics, and under beds. That one just needs a restoration. Fretjob, take off the Bigsby junk, replace the broken hardware, give it a really good cleaning, etc.
  10. cmjohnson

    Ford Blue Oval guitar build

    Maybe I should do a Porsche logo shaped guitar.... Pointy end to the back or pointy end to the neck?
  11. cmjohnson

    Telecaster vs Les Paul

    Want a Les Paul sound? Get a Les Paul. I found by experience that even putting my preferred bridge humbucker, which sounds great in an LP, into a Strat results in a Strat that sounds NOTHING like an LP even on just that bridge humbucker. Teles have their own thing going. It's good for that...
  12. cmjohnson

    Anyone else play their Strats more than their Les Pauls?

    In my case, definitely not. I can't say I hate strats but in five attempts at owning one, I never found happiness. I'm a humbucker guy from head to toe. I'll take any Gibson or any PRS over any Fender.
  13. cmjohnson

    Ford Blue Oval guitar build

    How are you going to make it so that it breaks down by the side of the road? :rofl: But seriously...that's a good idea. As long as Ford doesn't sue you, that is. I'd suggest a matching oval headstock as well. Start wtih a paddle headstock. I'm pretty sure I've seen a guitar body built...
  14. cmjohnson

    Why people say 06 bumble bees are fake on R9

    Actually capacitors of the same value can sound different. Multiple reasons. One, different ways of making a capacitor will make them more or less microphonic. Two, no electronic component is perfect. No resistor is a pure resistance. No capacitor is a pure capacitance., No inductor is a...
  15. cmjohnson

    Why people say 06 bumble bees are fake on R9

    If you believe that vintage tone comes from very specific capacitors made in a certain range of years by a certain manufacturer, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell to you. Take a guitar with that "magic" tone cap, and swap out that cap with any other cap of the same value and same...
  16. cmjohnson

    Binding Channel Anomaly

    The cutter is riding the ramp up the inclined surface and when it's doing that, it can't cut a flat bottom in the channel it cuts because the axis of the cutter is not perpendicular to the cut it's making.
  17. cmjohnson

    Neck inlay has popped out of my LP standard, what is the best way to put back in?

    Now you see how they "age" the look of the inlay, with that yellow-green goop in the bottom of the cavity. Which I'm no fan of. If that were my guitar and I could use the tape trick to pull the whole set of inlays out, I'd remove that yellow stuff and reglue the inlays without it, making it...
  18. cmjohnson

    Does cheap and expensive guitars have huge differences on WOOD grade?

    Wow. There's a LOT of misinformation here. Gibson sources its maple from the USA and Canada, and its mahogany from Central America, with the Honduran mahogany being sourced from renewable forestry plantations on Fiji. (That stuff is hard to get if you're an individual. The Fijian government...
  19. cmjohnson

    New bee here I would like some advice on building my own LP

    You've absolutely got this. You're ahead of the game in both skill and tools compared to where most people are when they make their first guitar. I have one additional suggestion. Based on my own experiences. I don't bother with templates for carving a top. Unless you are super focused on...
  20. cmjohnson

    Finishing/spraying question

    Check out what your local Harbor Freight or Tractor Supply Co. has in the way of sprayers. Even a small touch-up gun is plenty adequate for a guitar.

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