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    Want to know about learning how to replace electronics in guitar.

    One of the hardest parts for me when I started was I’d end up scorching the finish, melting wire insulation and generally other wise messing up my guitar by not being hyper careful with that iron.
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    Question for Amp Gurus

    Negative feedback, especially in hi-if or studio gear or some early ampegs be done at any stage of the amp, not just taken from the output and fed to an earlier stage. An unbypassed cathode resistor is neg. Feedback too.
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    Newly discovered '60 burst at Bristol Guitar Show today - photos

    Love that totally faded color. But man i hate seeing grime/filth on guitars. Nasty. How do they ever get like that?? Looks like it belonged to a homeless person.
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    PSA, American tube manufacturer looking for our interest

    Filled out, thanks for posting We have to protect and encourage tube production!
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    NGD! 2016 LPR8S sunrise ice tea

    Great lookin guitar! ‘16 was good to me too, my 2016 R8 just destroyed my 01 R8.
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    NGD: ALLMAN #29

    Favorite Duane top I’ve ever seen! A beaut! As a huge Allmans fan, I’m super jealous! Mountain jam on!
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    NGD: Iced Tea Burst 2021 R9

    That the exact finish color of my 2016 R8 when I got it. Faded significantly since then. I imagine the phoenix sun will do a quick fade job on yours. Anyhow, beautiful guitar and cool story!
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    ngd: '59

    LOVE that color!
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    Stiff Potentiometers, Cleaning, and Tone Change?

    Wow. Old cruddy pots definitely sound clearer after cleaning, maybe the lube in these newer pots weren’t allowing the wiper to make good contact with the trace. If so, that sucks!
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    Help me choose an ES-355…

    Natural! Man that looks killer, it just glows! Sheesh.
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    Burst Fading 2017-Onwards

    My ‘16 R8 has faded a lot and fast. And it’s mostly lived in its case. But 6 months after I got it new, it was very very noticeable. The 2nd pic was taken 4 years after new.
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    R0 and R9 prices are the same for used or New ..WHY ????

    Used prices lately are insane, on all kinds of things. Due to staff shortages and delivery problems. Also reverb seems to be the haven of insane asking prices.
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    Plexi: A nice examination

    Everyone seems to like the shrill plexi lead sound, but I think the bass/jtm45 version is just so much better.
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    2021 R9 Finish Flaw???

    Is that some wood filler in there?
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    NGD 2.0

    Beautiful! R9 looks for an R8 price. That flame is almost identical to my 2016 R8. Very nice!
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    Would love this set up

    I love less mics myself, if the recording space sounds good. And I’ll take 2 overheads on the drums anyway over micing each drum separately. Stereo recording sure can be cool to but I also really love mono. That seems to sound the most natural to me.
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    NGD! Custom shop R0 Les Paul Standard

    Gorgeous! Glad you found one that doesn’t hurt, that sounds awful!
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    *** I've Been Blessed To Own Some Great Vintage Guitars ***

    Thanks for posting these beautiful guitars. glad you’re cancer free for almost 2 years! If the Lord closes the door on cancer for you, nothing can open that up again. He’s our ‘ever present help’ and it won’t be long until you and your son are united again. God bless you, Merry Christmas.
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    Did all 2013 reissue LPs have solid one-piece fretboards?

    Grab that sucker and post pics!
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    NGD - Gibson Custom Shop R8 Lemon Burst

    Man that’s gorgeous! I love these lemons that basically look like an old natural finish. Beautiful!

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