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  1. pbekkerh

    No more rosewood restrictions?

    >According to an NPR report, a key committee at the international endangered species convention meeting in Geneva on Monday approved a motion that will exclude from CITES restrictions finished musical instruments that contain rosewood...
  2. pbekkerh

    Les Paul covered in stickers, which is it?

    Would anyone hazard a guess, what model this is? Made in Korea F6090078
  3. pbekkerh

    What Is This Obsession With Sustain?

    I don't understand why almost all people mention long sustain as a mark of quality. What use is it? I change chords and play on different strings all the time, I never keep one tone for many seconds. The only place where long sustain is frowned upon is amongst flamenco players. Is it just...
  4. pbekkerh

    What case for a LP with Bigsby?

    I bought a nice original Gibson LP case and was contemplating buying a guitar to put in the case. To justify this buy, I am thinking of buying a Bigsby as well for that guitar, as I don't have that yet but then I guess it can't go into the case anymore? Catch 22. Is it enough to remove the...
  5. pbekkerh

    Dating of a NOS Les Paul case

    Can anybody date this NOS LP case? I think the handle and the code lock must be significant. The other I bought from the shop, I could date to 2008 from a warranty certificate left in it but this one must be older, I guess.
  6. pbekkerh

    New guitarcase

    I was looking at a used Gibson softcase at 30$ but found out that even if it was genuine, it would still be rubbish. But today this story got a happy ending :) A store in my town is relocating and they have a "moving in" sale in 2 days but they are already moved in, so I visited them and asked...
  7. pbekkerh

    Are there fake Gibson bags around?

    Hey guys. I'm normally active on the Epiphone thread but could need a bit of Gibson help. I've seen this bag here and wanted to check if it's genuine, which the seller says it is but I can find only pictures of almost triangular shaped Gibson bags on the net. Is this genuine or fake? Thank You.
  8. pbekkerh

    Direct replacement locking tuners for Epiphone?

    Do you know of any Direct replacement locking tuners for Epiphone? Either with the screwhole in the same place or without the little screw. It's an Ultra I if that matters or do Epi have a "standard" for tuners?
  9. pbekkerh

    Wiring and/or electrical diagram/schematic for Epi Ultra 1 ?

    Does anyone have a wiring and/or electrical diagram/schematic for Epi Ultra 1 ? I tried searching but there is not much stuff about the Ultra 1
  10. pbekkerh

    How about a mini Les Paul thread?

    I saw a Stuntman mini Les Paul but haven't been able to find anything about it anywhere. maybe some of the bright heads here know more? The label was a cheap sticker/decal so it might just be the importers name. It says Gibson on the the trussrod cover. I did find the Epiphone Pee Wee...
  11. pbekkerh

    Looking for Mini Les Paul

    Sorry guys, I couldn't find a forum called "Other Les Pauls" so hope I'm not too far out here. I saw a Mini Les Paul in a shop today. Its really cute but rather expensive at 450USD so I tried to find one on the internet but no luck, I can't even find any reference to the factory. The LP has...

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