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  1. Caretaker

    Mojotone 59 humbucker set. $150 OBO shipped/paypaled CONUS

    Chrome covers with cream surrounds. I have no idea what color bobbins or if they are low wind, hot or normal(meter broke). If memory serves they are the normal wind. That is what I would have bought(or low wind but I couldn`t find any at the time). I NEED these gone today or tomorrow to cover an...
  2. Caretaker

    Les Paul parts/hardware and MOJOTONE pickups $150..

    These are some of the parts I was going to use on a project(husk for sale in another thread) but currently have no use for. Deals on multiple purchases. Mojotone 59 humbuckers with surrounds. My meter broke so I don`t know if they are normal or low wind. $175 *****$150***** PRICE DROP Grover...
  3. Caretaker

    PSA. Beware who you deal with. Bad seller among us.

    Just a message to my MLP brothers. I did a trade that turned out bad on my end. It has been a few months and THAT is on me. I needed time to gather parts and raise cash for the work needed. It was an LP(not Gibson) husk . Long story short, it is unplayable at this point without about $300 worth...
  4. Caretaker

    PICS ADDED Lp TYPE husk PROJECT for sale/trade.OFFERS???. PICS ADDED $350

    I got this on a trade from a member here(no names) as a husk. This is NOT a Gibson. I`m not sure which "kit" it started out as but not one of the cheap ones. Nitro finish light honey colored very mild(more of a figured plaintop) flame top. Open book headstock. No name on headstock. The neck is a...
  5. Caretaker

    SOLD.....Wampler Tumnus OD for sale

    ....or trade towards a Missing Link Audio Peacock. $80 paypaled/shipped CONUS
  6. Caretaker

    FOUND..Please delete.. Missing Link Audio Peacock. Offering $160.

    Again, I just missed one for sale used. I can easily get one on ebay or reverb new, but I don`t want to pay $200 and wait a month. If anyone has one for sale for a reasonable price, please contact me. I may have a drive pedal around to trade towards it also.
  7. Caretaker

    SOLD!!!!!!! Taylor Big Baby 15/16 for sale or possible trade.Price drop...$295 shipped/paypaled CONUS

    I picked this up recently but am just not playing it. When I have time I gravitate towards one of my Les Pauls. $325 shipped (OBO)with Taylor gig bag. Just set up a week ago. Made in Mexico. I may take a few days to ship(I have to get a box). Can not post photos but if you PM me a number I can...
  8. Caretaker

    PRICE DROP!!!!!!!Gibson 490 chrome humbucker set with quick connect plugs, harness and jack, mint $110 through the weekend!!!

    These came out of a 2017 SG. 2 pickups, plug in harness and jack. all that is missing it the toggle switch. $200 shipped and paypaled CONUS ONLY. $150 shipped/paypaled CONUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Caretaker

    Big Saturday night!!!!!

    Les Paul Marshall Ice Cream BB King I really have turned into an old man. LOL
  10. Caretaker

    Old school music Sunday.

    I lucked out at the CD store and picked up a BB King and 2 Billie Holiday box sets, used. Today is all about BB and Billie. It`s raining like crazy here today so it`s a great day to listen and relax.
  11. Caretaker

    My dog will not pee or even walk on the grass i the yard.

    For the past few days, she suddenly won`t do anything. She won`t even step on grass unless I make her. At the park, a field by the house, etc, it`s not an issue. ONLY in the yard. Anyone else experience this?
  12. Caretaker

    This is how I started my day

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  13. Caretaker

    A little music to get the heart going this Saturday morning.

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  14. Caretaker

    Does anyone have a set of bridge posts for an ABR ?

    I need a set of posts for an ABR for a project. Someone MUST sell them but I can`t find any. Maybe I`m searching wrong? I`d also rather send someone here a few dollars than a parts website but any help will be appreciated.
  15. Caretaker

    Strat and Les Paul players, who inspires you to play the other?

    I am a dyed in the wool Les Paul guy. But both Gilmour and Knopfler make me want to play a strat(although I have had dozens and never keep them). If you are heavily into one over the other, who inspires you to play the other?
  16. Caretaker

    TRADED>>>>Ibanez TSA15 1 x 12 combo with extra(new) JJ tubes.

    This is a 15/5 watt amp with built in original Tube Screamer circuit. Cream tolex. SUPER clean and all original with hang tags and box. I bought new JJ tubes($76) but have mot installed them but will include them with purchase. It doesn`t NEED a tube change. I just had some credit at MF to use...
  17. Caretaker

    Creation Audio Labs G.O.D. Holy Fire $100 shipped!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fantastic pedal that will get you anything from a transparent clean boost and SRV TS tone to Slayer and Sabbath. The G.O.D. is Gain, Overdrive and Distortion that are independent and can be blended for endless options. This is the original 48 volt power supply included(really makes a difference)...
  18. Caretaker

    I just noticed it was 12 years ago today.....

    that I joined this place. Wow, time DOES fly.
  19. Caretaker

    Like new Ibanez AS153.....335 Killer...SOLD

    20190115_150224 Caretaker Jan 15, 2019 20190115_150337 Caretaker Jan 15, 2019 20190115_150235 Caretaker Jan 15, 2019 20190115_150238 Caretaker Jan 15, 2019
  20. Caretaker

    FINALLY, 2 days OFF in a row.

    I`m gonna sleep late, eat a big breakfast, and attempt to learn 2 songs. Cause We`ve Ended As Lovers and maybe Goodbye Pork Pie Hat