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  1. cooljuk

    Shipping rosewood FB guitar from US to Canada - what am I looking at?

    If I ship a Tele I build with a rosewood fretboard over the boarder to a buyer in Canada, what do I have to do? I know CITES has grown and changed and I'm not familiar with the process. I think it no longer matters if the FB is Indian or Brazilian, but I'm not confident in my knowledge of...
  2. cooljuk

    Vintage / Modern Greenback Frequency Response Comparison

    I'm just starting off a project analyzing and comparing some different speakers and I thought you guys might enjoy some of my early results.... This is white noise: This is pink noise, but I haven't had a chance to make a fancy overlay out of it like the other.... ...and here is a more...
  3. cooljuk

    Amp tech in the Las Vegas area (or SLC)?

    I've got an opportunity to buy an amp at a more than fair price, which reflects the fact that it needs a little love from a pro. It's a got some hum at idle with nothing plugged in and all the knobs down, with new tubes and clean power. I'd rather not poke around in this one and if I resell it...
  4. cooljuk

    WTB / WTT Pulsonic Cone T1281 / T1534 Celestion / Rola Speakers

    I'm short a few of these for a rig I'm rebuilding. The T1281 is the G12H-30 55Hz, Heavy Magnet, Bass Cone version Greenback. I think the date range is 1965-1972 but there might be some debate on that and I won't claim to be the final authority on it. If you have any you are willing to part...
  5. cooljuk

    WTB / WTT - Blackburn for Kalamazoo

    I had to kick my XF1 habit at least a decade ago. My XF2 substitutions had to stop shortly after. SEDs and original Svets kept me hooked for a while but, even those are now out of my range. For power tubes, I've had to reluctantly convert to modern production. My bass clarity and full lower mids...
  6. cooljuk

    NOS 1969 Blonde Telecaster & 1968 Pro Reverb find - unreal!

    Insane that this stuff can still be discovered! I know it's not a Burst, but wow! Garret Park Guitars, in Maryland, just found/scored a real new old stock, in the original box, '69 Tele and a matching 68 Pro Reverb. Crazy awesome find! Originally sold by Washington Music Center. Both music shops...
  7. cooljuk

    WTB / WTT: Original Fender WRHBs

    Anyone have original Fender Wide Range Humbuckers they are willing to part with? :dunno: I can trade ReWind products/services or pay cash. Just looking for a set for myself to outfit a Tele I picked up in trade.
  8. cooljuk

    Gibson Quick Connect Plugs - Molex and Mouser Part Numbers HERE

    This comes up regularly. I've shared these part numbers in response to several other threads but thought I'd just post them right here so folks can more easily find them in a search. Here are the Molex and Mouser part numbers, along with corresponding photos, for the two common Quick Connect...
  9. cooljuk

    Royal Amps?

    Anyone have one? Is the real-life feel legit? Better to DIY with real vintage? I'm more interested in the Hiwatt than the Plexi. I've already got a Plexi that runs KT88s (and it's epic!).
  10. cooljuk

    Seen the new DiMarzio magnet-free 80's T-Top yet? :shock: :facepalm: :Ohno: :hmm: I like how the "designer" re-used the DiMarzio cloth tape on the T-Top bobbins. Classy move. :thumb:
  11. cooljuk

    Greeny Burst Pickups - My Thoughts....

    Undoubtedly, there is much interest and much speculation about the Peter Green “Greeny” Burst pickups. Just like most people who claim to actually know some truth about that guitar, I've never once had it in my hands, much less been inside it or the pickups to know any facts about it. One...
  12. cooljuk

    All About Rough Cast & "Polished" AlNiCo Magnets

    This comes up fairly regularly so I thought I'd just put together a comprehensive post, outlining some of what I've learned through my experiences and experiments with different foundries and magnets. Rough cast guitar magnets and “polished” guitar magnets are made the same way (at a given...
  13. cooljuk

    Happy Independence Day!

    Happy Independence Day, you old glorious nation, you! May your Boston harbor always taste a little like tea and the ring of your liberty bell sustain longer than a long tenon Burst in the hands of Kossoff.
  14. cooljuk

    Been spending lots of time on bass, lately.

    ...generally Texas rigs and topwater baits, bank fishing in big lakes. Sometimes finesse fishing with senkos and trickworms on weightless rigs. What did you think? I was all thumbs? These are just little guys. I've seen kids pull double digit lunkers out of this same lake...
  15. cooljuk

    Anyone have experience with a vehicle shipping service?

    I'm moving in a few weeks and considering having my truck delivered, rather than driving it. I've got expensive snow tires on it I don't want to chew up and it's more built for slow romps on trails than distance highway driving. Plus, it frees me up to drive the moving truck and take only one...
  16. cooljuk

    Telefy your Strat - New TeleStratster set!

    Another one off the secret menu! A different kind of Strat set. I get enough requests for this type of set that I decided to work out the kinks and polish up the concept into something effective and classy looking. People often request an early Blackguard Tele/Esquire bridge pickup in a Strat...
  17. cooljuk

    If you need any builds or work from me, NOW is the time!

    One of the many exciting big things happening at ReWind Electric in 2018 is a move to a new and bigger shop space, to accommodate increased volume of business and new products and services. The new spot is about 10 hours West, clear on the other side of the Rockies, at the edge of the Mojave...
  18. cooljuk

    FS: 2011 Gibson Pelham Blue SC Junior & REAL VINTAGE 1959 P-90 and Electronics

    Payment is cash or PayPal friends & family. I'll also accept a personal check or postal money order but will hold the guitar until they clear. No trades. Selling my 2011 Pelham Blue single cut Les Paul Junior. Upgrades: * REAL VINTAGE 1959 long magnet P-90 Dogear and electronics from a 1959...
  19. cooljuk

    FS: 2010 Fender American Standard Stratocaster, Olympic White & Original SKB TSA Case

    Payment is cash or PayPal friends & family. I'll also accept a personal check or postal money order but will hold the guitar until they clear. No trades. Selling my 2010 Fender American Standard Stratocaster in Olympic White with its Original SKB TSA flight case and all the case candy, minus...
  20. cooljuk

    I don't like flavored coffee but...

    ...this is mighty tempting!