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    Awesome sounding pickup set. $150 shipped CONUS
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    PROCE DROP Kramer Focus 2000 Made in Japan shredder

    This Kramer Focus is truly a stunning guitar and a beautiful example of 1980’s Japanese craftsmanship, it is in great condition overall for its age with some normal play wear. There is a surface/finish crack near the input jack that doesn’t effect the guitar whatsoever. Pickups are Seymour...
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    Sold delete

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    Tim Shaw Dirty Fingers, Duncan Custom Shop '78 & Distortion

    NO TRADES!!! $260 shipped for the Gibson Tim Shaw set $100 Shipped for the Custom Shop lil '78 $100 shipped for the...
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    WTB: Will Boggs WB PAF

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    Seymour Duncan Custom Shop and Standard Pickups

    I’ve got some cool Duncan pickups for sale in my Reverb shop. Free shipping if you buy through MLP. No trades please.
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    Looking for a vintage (not reissue) Dirty Fingers bridge pickup.
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    Dirty Fingers, 500T, DD or SD?

    Thinking about popping a hot pickup in my R9. Ive got an Aldrich in the bridge now and I’m not really digging it. Which of these do you guys like better and why? I play with AIC type gain levels (not a JB fan).
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    Describe the T-Top neck pup tone

    I’ve got one sitting here and I’m wondering if I should install it in the neck position of my R9.
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    Guitar Center R9 Limited Edition

    Hey guys, I came across a dark burst/black back LP that the seller is claiming is a GC exclusive 59 reissue. Not sure of the year but I’m guessing mid 00’s. Is anyone familiar with this model? I’m know the G0’s well but can’t find anything about this model.
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    Dimarzio Virtual Hot PAF

    Anybody here still using one in their LP? Thoughts? I’ve got one laying around that I’m considering installing in my R9.
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    WTB: Manilus Fat Diane and Wolftone Marshallheads

    Hit me up if you’re selling either a set or just the bridge versions. Thanks!
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    Friedman Runt 50 head

    Killer amp, with great Marshall crunch and the best clean channel I have ever heard with an amp that has this much gain. Works flawlessly. but the tolex has some blems. Footswitch included. $1250 shipped for forum members...
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    Budda SuperDrive 45 SD45 Series II head

    I’ll discount this $50 for all forum members Budda Superdrive 45 SD45