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  1. freak

    I cant stop crying. Wife cheated.

    Dude I'm sorry. That sucks. I can't read 14 pages of responses though...….. I can't add anything more than everyone has said, so I won't be redundant. Lots of good advise here. I do have one thing, and I'm not sure if it was mentioned before....if she left months and months of texts on her...
  2. freak


    I hate being broke.
  3. freak

    Stage Clothes

    I've always been a bandana, ripped jeans and leather guy since forever, and I usually carry that over when gigging. I've always stood out a little more than my band mates have, in pretty much every band I've been in. It's just who I am. To each his own....I have friends that dress the same...
  4. freak

    Well, that was different!!

    YES! Thank you.
  5. freak

    Stage Clothes

    Freak's gonna Freak. No fucks given.
  6. freak

    Well, that was different!!

    ok....what is page doing at 1:47? An ebow? I've seen that before......
  7. freak

    Happy Belated-Belated Birthday, Tim Fezz!

    I may be there in the next few days. Our bass player gets slipped guys phone numbers all the time. :laugh2:
  8. freak

    Sometimes life is cruel ....

    You did everything you could to make her comfortable. At least she passed knowing someone cared. And she did know.....
  9. freak

    Happy Belated-Belated Birthday, Tim Fezz!

    Point Pleasant? Happy Birthday Fez.
  10. freak

    FS: Gibson/Epiphone Guitars

    Post a price or the mods will pull it. Post pics and you will get more of a response. At least one of each. And don't forget the prices. That's a must have.
  11. freak

    If somebody dies in an apartment or a house..

    Me and my ex rented a row house in an old town, close to where I live now. 2 older ladies had passed in it in the early 70's. you could almost always sense their presence, at one point or the other, for a long while afterwards (I moved out in 2000). Some people would walk in, and get spooked...
  12. freak

    If somebody dies in an apartment or a house..

    My Wife's mother passed in our bedroom before we brought the house, (she left it to my wife, encumbered) and her father passed in the dining room over 30 years ago. Never a hint of anything, and I'm sensitive to that stuff. As a young child, we rented an apartment which my grandfather (mothers...
  13. freak

    Always awesome to inspire people. (pic heavy)

    Good job pics, but good job nonetheless.....
  14. freak

    My drummer got kicked in the head by a bull!

    Well ALRIGHTY then! Now, to get my drummer to the rodeo...….
  15. freak

    Promote Your Band!

    Haven't been overly thrilled with my band in awhile, but we are doing this.....
  16. freak

    If you could see 2 of your favorites in 1 week...

    Last September, saw Judas Priest co headline with deep purple, and then 4 days later caught Ozzy at the same venue.
  17. freak

    My drummer got kicked in the head by a bull!

    So......did you notice an improvement in his drumming?
  18. freak

    Clean boost with a slight touch of gain?

    It's a Jersey thing.
  19. freak

    Les Paul - Rick Neilson

    Wonder what the hell Tom Peterson did to wank off Aldo?