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  1. flamesarewicked

    NGD: Epiphone “Lzzy Hale” Explorer

    Thought I’d try one of these.. the prices on the Gibson counterpart seem to be all over the place.... this one has a street price of $849 with a hardshell case. Ebony board, Alnico Classic pickups, and a really nice case... on paper it’s tough to beat for the price.. the neck is real thin and...
  2. flamesarewicked

    SOLD - FS: Boss RC-3 Loop Station

    shows signs of wear but functions perfectly... Looking for $115 shipped/ppd.
  3. flamesarewicked

    FS: Gibson VOS Custombuckers $350 shipped/ppd

    These were taken from my 2018 ‘59 Reissue. I’m really digging the Dimarzios I swapped in so I decided to sell these... looking for $400 shipped/ppd to the lower 48 states... Leads are full length. Readings while in the guitar were. 7.99/8.0 Those were the readings given taken by Kansas City...
  4. flamesarewicked

    Music is the universal language?

    Well maybe not to everyone but probably is to a lot of us on here. I was bouncing around YouTube last night as I do on my nights off and I came across a video review of a guitar. I believe it was done in Japan. I don’t know Japanese so what they were saying sounded like gibberish to me. You...
  5. flamesarewicked

    NPD: Dimarzio Double Cream installed

    Dimarzio 36th Anniversary PAFs...I’ve always really liked these pickups.. I’ve tried some higher end pickups in various guitars in the past.. Wizz, Wolfetone, Custom Shop Duncans, OX4s, etc... this cost only a fraction of what those do.. but ya like what ya like right regardless of price...
  6. flamesarewicked

    To Firebird, or not to Firebird...

    I’ve never owned one but I’ve always liked the look... played one a couple times at a local shop. Not nearly long enough for a real test drive but it had a good feel... I’m quite tempted to take the plunge
  7. flamesarewicked

    SOLD - FS: Fender Super Champ X2 head

    15w Dual 6V6 powered amp head.. the tubes are original and don’t show any signs of needing to be changed yet but it’s a 2014 model head. I don’t have any idea as to how many hours are on them.. it’s in clean shape overall. Doesn’t include the footswitch.. it has lots of built in effects.. the...
  8. flamesarewicked

    SOLD - FS: 1999 Fender Standard Stratocaster MIM - Violet

    The color is violet... some call it “blurple”.. rosewood board. Stock electronics.. frets show very little wear. The hardware is starting to show its age but not too bad for a 20 year old guitar. previous owner used to use the pickguard as a pick holder so it’s lifted on top where a pick would...
  9. flamesarewicked

    Pending NAD - Legend Rock-N-Roll 50 head

    A while back I was traveling down a rabbit hole of YouTube videos and discovered this amp brand by accident.. a guy with a moderately popular channel was using it to demo the guitars his dad owns. They done one episode of his guitars and one episode of his dads rig. I think he was using the...
  10. flamesarewicked

    SOLD - FS: 2012 Fender American Standard Stratocaster - Olympic White $950 shipped PP’D

    Welp it’s been less than a week that I’ve gone without a tube amp and I already miss it lol so this will go for sale to pick up one I found locally.. Now I never called anything mint but this may change my rule.. this could easily pass for a NOS item that’s been locked away for the last 7...
  11. flamesarewicked

    16 and married??

    I live in Louisiana.. the whole wave of teen mom, 15 and pregnant, 16 and pregnant, etc was always old news to the fellow natives here... it’s almost comical that it was made into a tv show.. it’s unfortunately probably putting hairbrained ideas into young females that they can get on tv and...
  12. flamesarewicked

    Best Katana demo ever?

    Been thinking of giving one of these a whirl. They get a lot of praise so I figured I’d give one a whirl... ordered the 100w head from ZZounds with the foot controller.. should be here tomorrow. It’s very entertaining to say the least. First half is stratty tones then moves on to LP tones...
  13. flamesarewicked

    Epiphone 1984 Explorer EX gets a new life..

    Saw this in the FB Marketplace for about 35% of its original price of $730.. it looked rough.. fretboard was carrying about a pound of dirt and some funky inlay stickers to give the look of James Hetfield’s “Of Wolf and Man” model ESP MX from back during the Black Album days.. it’s sort of the...
  14. flamesarewicked

    Is a Squier Bullet worth upgrading ?

    A coworker offered to sell me a basically brand new one for peanuts.. I think they’re only $150 new anyhow.. but thinking well, Stratocaster parts are widely available and relatively inexpensive.. the neck shape is comfortable.. I’d lock the bridge drown anyhow where only forward bends are...
  15. flamesarewicked

    SOLD - FS: 2017 Friedman BE-100 $2300 shipped, may consider LP trades

    Decided to change up my rig and put this up for sale.. bought it second hand from Music Zoo last summer. It looked like an open box model from how clean it was. Some may call this one mint but I won’t just because one person’s idea of mint may not be the next person’s. .. I’d say it’s in...
  16. flamesarewicked

    SOLD FS: Dimarzio 36th Anniversary PAF set - Nickel

    Bought these used and had plans to use them in a guitar I had.. no longer have the guitar so.. thought I’d pass them along. There’s some minor scratches on the covers.. patina if you will.. they will be right at home in a guitar that’s been used. $130 shipped to the lower 48 only.
  17. flamesarewicked

    FS: 2018 Gibson Custom Shop ‘59 Reissue $4499 shipped

    I bought this earlier this year from Kansas City Vintage Guitars. Supposedly this was a limited run color of about 10. It’s a M2M color. It plays like a dream and sounds absolutely fantastic. Comes with all of the hang tags and COA. Original case. Only modification is the strap locks but will...
  18. flamesarewicked

    FS: ‘14 Gibson Les Paul Classic - Seafoam Green $1500 shipped

    This is a great guitar... not super hefty weighing 9lbs.. slim neck. It has double white/cream OX4 “Page” pickups. I don’t have the output measurments but it has an A4 mag in the neck and an A5 in the bridge I believe. it has some buckle marks on the rear.. mostly worming marks and they aren’t...
  19. flamesarewicked

    NGD 2014 Les Paul Classic - Seafoam Green

    So I gotten this in trade for my 61 Standard SG.. the pickups are OX4 “Page” set.. voiced to the vibe of Jimmy Page.. A4 neck and A5 bridge. Push pulls are gone and it has a more traditional wiring setup underneath the hood. The pickups sound pretty good.. it’s in nice shape but it’s definitely...
  20. flamesarewicked

    TRADED - FS/FT: 2019 Gibson SG Standard 61 - Wizz PAFs

    Bought this new a few months back.. Plays great and sounds great but I’m selling go pick up another LP. The pickups and wiring have been upgraded to Wizz Premium PAF clones and mojotone harness. The original PCB and 61R/61T have been already sold. Comes with the case candy, inspection card...