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    Tom Holmes pickups

    I have a used set of Tom Holmes H450/455 pickups. They are lightly potted and have open zebra coils. The screw bobbin is cream and the slug bobbin is black. No covers. Non-aged. Sound just like my unpotted set. Tom is no longer taking new orders for pickups. $old
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    GMW Strat

    I just don't play this, so I'm going to put it up for sale GMW hardtail strat with alder body and a highly flamed maple neck that is very smooth. Nut width is 1 11/16". Frets are jumbo with plenty of life left. Pickups are Thronbucker/Thornbucker+ that can be tapped with a push/pull tone...
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    Suhr Classic T ** SOLD **

    This was part of a special run done for Humbucker Music in 2013 called Pro Series T2. It is in excellent condition, with the only ding shown in the pic below. The full Specs are listed on the spec sheet pictured Model: Pro Series Ash - T2 Serial Number: 22134 Weight: 7lbs 5oz Body: Swamp Ash...
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    Jim Wagner WCR/JWP pickups ** SOLD **

    I am selling a lightly used Crossroads neck and Darkburst bridge. Nickel covers, 2 conductor wire. Excellent condition with about 12" of lead wire left. Black bobbins under the shiny nickel covers. Installed only once and I bought them as new. ** SOLD ** Absolutely no trades.
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    Charvel USA Custom Shop ** SOLD **

    I am selling my Charvel Custom Shop guitar. According to the serial number it was made in 2008. It has an alder body and an incredibly figured maple neck that is smooth. I measured it with calipers and it is .78" to .85" in thickness. The nut is 1 11/16. It has a Suhr SSV+ installed right now...
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    2001 Gibson Les Paul R7 ** SOLD **

    I am selling a 2001 Gibson Les Paul R7 that I recently acquired. It's a great guitar Natural clear all mahogany body with one piece mahogany top. R7 sized neck. The color is called Faded Cherry. The guitar is in very good condition, with some dings & dents, and some original excess glue...
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    Duncan Pickups for sale -- Jazz SH-2n * SOLD *

    I am selling a few Duncan pickups. All are in excellent condition with 10-12 inches of wiring left on them. Shipping is with USPS Priority Mail and is included in the price. Absolutely no trades please JB -- trem spaced (TB-4), black bobbins 4 conductor wire. $old JB -- regular spaced...
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    Duncan Full Shred ** SOLD **

    Absolutely no trades please. Duncan Full Shred TB-10. Bridge model, trem spaced. White bobbins, mint condition. 12 inches of lead wire remaining. Removed from a brand new Charvel. $70 shipped
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    ** SOLD ** 2016 Les Paul Swamp Ash Studio

    Les Paul Studio Swamp Ash $900 shipped and paypalled. Absolutely no trades. Year: 2016 Serial Number: 160066903 Weight: 7 lbs, 8.3 oz These were part of a Limited Run by Gibson in 2016. It is in excellent condition. Natural satin finish does not show any dings, dents or scratches. No...
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    Gibson RD Standard ** SOLD **

    Up for sale is my 2010 Gibson RD Standard. It is in mint condition -- only has about 2 hours of play time on it. One piece mahogany body and neck, rosewood board and a rounded 50s neck. 24.75 scale. The weight is approximately 8.75 pounds on my bathroom scale. Burstbucker Pro pickups. OHSC...
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    Suhr 1x12 Cab

    I am selling my Suhr 1X12 cabinet. It is in excellent condition with no rips, tears, cuts or scratches. This is the 1x12 closed back cube that is usually paired with the Badger. It is currently unloaded, but I can load it with a Celestion Creamback 65 M 8 ohm for another $100. Outdoor pics...
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    I have a Pedaltrain Jr pedal board that I am selling. It has a Voodoo Power 2 Plus attached underneath with brackets. It is in good condition -- kept in my room for practicing, not used for gigging. Power cables and velcro rolls are included. Soft case included, and still has the original...
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    SOLD -- please delete

    I have a Keeley Red Dirt Mini for sale. It is in mint condition. 4 internal switches for different voicing. Comes with original box. $80 shipped and paypalled. Absolutely no trades please.
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