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  1. DarrellV

    Uploading Media problems? Anybody else?

    Just tried uploading some updated pics to share in here and kept getting a 'The file size is too big for the server to handle'. That was after trying to upload multiple files like I could do with the old software. I cleared everything down and refreshed the screen then tried one at a time...
  2. DarrellV

    Looks like the Les Paul section got hit again

    Lots of spam... in case you hadn't noticed. @admin1 @forumtech
  3. DarrellV

    The 2017 Shaw Revival (my 82 CAR Standard, 2 Shaws and 1 Notta Shawatol)

    I have been waiting to start this topic till I knew when my Shaws were going to arrive back to me. They have been gone out for a rewind for many weeks now, since before Thanksgiving. If any of you have considered using the services of one of our MLP winders or wondered what it would be like to...
  4. DarrellV

    On or Off...What do you think looks better?

    Bet you thought I was talking about a pick guard, weren't you?:naughty: As some of you know some clown in the past potted my Shaws and has me walking about and talking to myself quite a bit lately! :mad2: I'm working with Dave at Sigil on getting them re-wound. I don't care about value, they...
  5. DarrellV

    So, Edro! What's the opposite of an alien babduction?

    'Cause I had one happen last night!! :wow: It came right out of the clear blue sky and I have no idea where it came from! Must have been the aliens dropped it off, it's the only thing I can think of! :Ohno: So I'm out on my deck cooking some burgers for dinner. My porch is elevated above the...
  6. DarrellV

    1934 Gibson L-7 acoustic found in trash 20 years ago....Thoughts?

    So my wife and I are picking up a desk tonight at a friend's house and as we are talking about all the neat stuff she has I make a quip about them having an old guitar. Just to be smart. Then I find out that yes, they do! Her hubby has had an old Gibson acoustic stuck under his bed since he...
  7. DarrellV

    Old thread pics not showing now?

    I was going through my Odd-fellow LP Appreciation thread now that we have likes! (yay!) and I noticed that some of the pics were not displaying now, since the upgrade. :Ohno: While I was attempting to update a couple of them I discovered, quite by accident, that all that was required was to...
  8. DarrellV

    Regarding the Interview threads

    Can one of the Mods merge them into one thread so they don't get lost? Thumpy's is moving down in the natural order of things and Meatball says he has another coming. Would it not be easier and make more sense to be able to find all the interviews in one topic? For posterity?
  9. DarrellV

    Forumtech can you check forum speed issue?

    See details in Backstage/forum a little slow today?
  10. DarrellV

    Going to record at a TV Studio this weekend

    Our small humble group has been asked by someone who works at the station to come down and record an hour segment of music, and whatever we like, for broadcast on the local public access station in Massachusetts. This is a first. :fingersx: My wife and I have been to the studio already to...
  11. DarrellV

    Mexicaster Overhaul with stone age tools (with pics)

    2 weeks ago I put my Lester in for a re-fret. In the meantime I had ordered a new pick-guard, pickups and pots for my MIM Strat that used to be my #1. But it had been developing problems like loose knobs and intermittent loss of sound so I haven't played it much as of late. So as luck would...
  12. DarrellV

    User name and password question...

    Gentlemen, I guess I never looked before, but I just had a Firefox update install and now it is popping a warning box where I go to enter my user name and password. It is warning me that the page is not secure (and it is correct no HTTPS) and that my name and password could be vulnerable to...
  13. DarrellV

    I'm running out of fingernails to chew...

    Any advise or kind words of encouragement appreciated. :welcome: This is turning into a rougher time for me than I thought it would be. :Ohno: Sometimes I feel like such a baby! It's not like my kid is going in for surgery, and yet, it IS, kind of..... :hmm: Dropped my 82 Standard off to my...
  14. DarrellV

    Any of you bikers or bike enthusists know what this is?

    Found this in a search for Recording Studios...??? :hmm: Yeah, search engines are weird! But I've never seen anything like this and it just looks so cool I wanted to share! :wow: I don't have any prizes for the winners, but you will qualify for one of Dave's trophies just for trying...
  15. DarrellV

    Need help with a jpeg AND an album, not displaying

    The image is in my MLP album posted pics. Coy Ranch resize.jpg I've tried the link and the img embedding. I can see them fine, but it seems nobody else can. Well, its embarrassing at the least..... Others have said my 'posted pics' album doesn't exist in my profile either. Could be...
  16. DarrellV

    Congrats Sir Digger!

    If you haven't noticed or had a chance to talk to the best bloke in Oz lately you may not have noticed he's been promoted to VIP! 3 Cheers Mate! Glad you're with us!
  17. DarrellV

    The Oddfellow LP Appreciation Thread

    EDIT: I've added some REAL pics from my Canon instead of my cell phone! Enjoy! I've noticed a lot of threads celebrating Black Beauties, Gold Tops, Bursts, Customs etc. (and rightfully so!):thumb: This thread is for the myriad of other Les Paul colors and styles that fall outside the 'classic...
  18. DarrellV

    Any Danny Gatton Fans out there? Just saw this..

    I just recently discovered him through my love for Albert Lee's playing. Didn't know this guy had a Les Paulverizer too! I wonder if Les knew..... Amazing playing, funky old Les Paul and a rare glimpse of a second Les Paulverizer!! Doesn't get much better! Enjoy! Danny Gatton's Redneck Jazz...
  19. DarrellV

    MLP Vets introduce yourselves!

    MLP Vets thank you for your service! I want to use this thread to help me and others see who you are among us as a recognition of your service to our country. This is not limited to current MLP members. Anyone who you served with you or your family and friends are welcome additions. If you're a...